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Found 16 results

  1. B> Event Point Coins = 25m B> 100 Point Coins = 50m B> FBH Card 60m B> Moonlight Flower Card 10m B> Implosion Card = 10m / or your price need 2x B> Lude Bandana = 10m / or your price need 2x B> Anunaki Card = 25m B> Dark Pinguicula Card = 2m B> Leaf Cat Card = 2m B> Ancient Tree Card = 6m B> BDA 55m B> WDA 65m B> Ebony Greaves 7m Leave your name in-game! and your price too.. thanks! No OP Please.. thanks!
  2. SELLING +10 Cashmere Hood Offer please +9 Cashmere Hood ~75m +10 Earthen Bow [3] Offer please ;D Sold for 6c in game! Lude Bandana Costume x2 ~35m each Sold in game! Angry Clucky Costume ~ 35m Sold in-game for 1c +5m! Vexed Feather 10m +10 Katar of Frozen Icicle [3] +10 Fortune Sword x2 +10 Specialty Jur +10 Ivory Lance +10 Ledger of Death +10 Harp of Nepenthes +10 Red Ether Bag +10 Bat Teeth Katar Whether you guys believe me or not but I sold this for 4c ! +10 Carnwennan +10 Goblin Gatling Gun Light-Up Santa Hat Christmas Bell Ribbon (Christmas Event) Cards Celia Alde card ~1c Sold in-game! Flamel Emul card ~75m Sold in-game! Orbs SPDrain5 ~9m Hit5 (x2) ~9m Boss5 ~1c Boss2 ~13m Demihuman5 (x3) ~9m PD3(x3) ~1m Sold ingame! Trap5 ~19m PushBack ~40m Dmotion3 ~ 1m BUYING Bronze Greaves +0 Bought for 13c ingame! +10 SRTs ~ Bought in-game for 1c each ! Ectoplasm 10k each! UPDATED!!!! You can pm me on: Not Ian Ian Is Not Ian Frigid Heart \o/!
  3. Buying Great Old Cloaks(Goc) You can pm in game " T r a v i a n S p a d e " or Comment here for your prices. (^c,^)
  4. I need 100 piece's of spool in 2 set. i.e,200 spool=5m, pm me or post here.
  5. Georges IV


    UPDATED: May 4, 2018 Weapons: Cards: ETC: ~Characters~ Georges [Stalker] Georges IV [Lord Knight] Georges Money [Biochemist]
  6. LEAVE COMMENT/OFFER PM: Sex For Zenny , iLoveFarm and, The Villain in Glasses S> MasterSmith Card = L/B/O 4x BCA = 5c each 2094 Scale Shell = 10k each 2178 Shining Scale = 10k each 1397 Heroic Emblem = 50k each 2866 Oridecon = 10k each 9976 Elunium = 5k each 3031 Steel = 10k each 3447 Fabric = 9k each 346 Peco Peco Feather = 30k each 339 Piece of Shield = 50k each 300 Anolian Skin = 30k each B> CREDS = 47M EACH (NEED 9PCS) T>
  7. Hi everyone: If you have time for gather items, i have zeny to give you :3 Check my price list: Karvos: 10k Alcohol: 5k Stem: 500z Immortal Heart: 1k Fabric: 1k For the cards i'm searching for: Vanberk Card: 5m If you want to sell me something, just call Tendou on the #main channel Thank you for help me and happy hunting
  8. SELLING: +10 Red Cape [1] +9 Bronze Greaves [1] +10 Goblin bow [2] +7 Thiefbow [4] Tao Gunka BUYING: Sinx card Spectral Bow (Below +7 ) leave your offer here or PM me in game "cindycindy10" (might be afk-ing)
  9. If you want me to pour you with Zeny come and sell me what you have as per below list. My Creator need below mats for killing people. Help her collect these materials at her buying price. Karvos: 25,000 Zeny Stem: 500 Zeny Immortal Heart: 1,500 Zeny Fabric: 1,500 Zeny Strong Vine: 2 each. (Need 10) I am in need of Green Salad for healthy living in game. Otherwise, sell me Lv.5 Cook Book. Green Salad: 5,000 Zeny Level 5 Cookbook: 500,000 Zeny My Champion is almost finish with his training in Cursed Abbey. He need some cards to prepare for his next mission! Abysmal Knight Card: 8,000,000 Zeny (Need 3) Incubus Card: 8,000,000 Zeny
  10. SLIM POTION DEPOT Selling: White Slim Pots 1,490 zeny ea / 1,490,000 zeny per 1k pcs RETAIL STORE Selling Items Price MISC: Star crumb / Yellow Gemstone / Elunium / Oridecon / Elemtal Converters REBIRTHRO/MARKET CARDS: None Buying EQUIPMENTS: +7 Wind Armor 23c +7 Tidung 20c CARDS: In-game Contact: Lord jhez
  11. Selling Earthbow Upgraded (3) +9 (x 1) (sold in game) Shell of the Sewer Bug King +8 (x1) (sold in-game) Very very very StrongCount Money's Hardened Sword +9 (x1) (300m or 6C) Great Demon's Robe +8 (x2) (offer price) Very very very StrongCount Money's Hardened Mace +7 (x1) (150m or 3C) Book Gust of Wind (3) +10 (x1) (offer price) hansuang's oridecon katar +9 (x1) (offer price) Sewer Bug King Card (x1) (leave offer) Ifrit Card (15C) Buying ------------------- Trading (none at this moment) *offer price below here and leave your ign and time to reach you (server-time or Malaysia time) Thanks and Have a Great Day!
  12. SELLING EQUIPS 50PCS VALK SHIELD 1pc ACB 1pc Puff ring 1pc Poof ring 1pc HSSS MISC 18pcs Hardened Steel CARDS Thanatos ESL SK BUYING none
  13. B>Sealed Pharaoh card. Leave offer PM me: Envious Sniper, Envy
  14. ~ Buying ~ Dead Branch 8k zenny each [need bulk] Tidon (offer) ~ Selling ~ Bakonawa Card c/o 100c or OFFER ~ Trading ~ N/A iGN : Lexincarnum/ Incarnum / NibelStark Online time: 15.00 - 18.00 Server time
  15. ~ WELCOME to my another dead thread shop where you can't see anything but bump (or none at all) ~ UPDATED: May 14, 2018 BUYING none SELLING Moonhaven/Invek Dungeon Handicrafting Metalworking Armors Weapons Cards Consumables Others
  16. B>PWC/OKC/Hypatia/Poring assasin
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