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Found 3 results

  1. Von Sky

    Von's Art Shop

    ART SHOP: OPEN PRICES: rRO FORUM SIGNATURE 5c(500x250 resolution only) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- HALF-BODY 40c FULL-BODY 50c CHIBI 20c -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- COUPLE HALF-BODY 50c COUPLE FULL-BODY 60c -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CONTACT INFORMATION: Server: LOKI IGN: Von Sky / Von / Frey Azarel(Ranked Alchemist) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rro.vonsky Skype: vonsky_rro WILLING TO DRAW FOR ONE OF THESE ITEMS: Lord Knight Card Teddy Baal Card link to my art shop(old forums) • Von's Art Shop •
  2. Ary

    Art by Ary <3

    Art by Ary I'm finally opening my art shop! Check out all the info below if you want to order some great artwork ;D Also check out my DeviantART page & my (unfinished) website: https://amyleegilbert.deviantart.com/ http://amyleegilbert.com/ Samples Gallery Pricing Full body (colour): 50c Full body (sketch): 20c Half body (colour): 35c Half body (sketch): 10c Headshot (colour): 20c Headshot (sketch): 6c Chibi (colour): 40c Chibi (sketch): 10c Couple / two characters (colour): 60c Couple / two characters (sketch): 40c Additional / Extras: Big wings (colour): From 2c Big wings (sketch): From 1c Price depends on the type of wings. Pets [small only] (colour): From 5c Pets [small only] (sketch): From 3c Simple background (colour only): +5c Overlayed colour or gradient (sketch only): +2c Additional characters [if more than two] (colour): 10c Additional characters [if more than two] (sketch): +7c This is added to the couple prices shown above. If there's an extra you want and it's not listed above just send me a message and we can discuss options Special Offers: 5% off for level 1 - 5 premium account holders 10% off for level 6 - 10 premium account holders Free simple background (colour) or colour / gradient overlay (sketch) to VIP members! Edit: If my art is too expensive, you may buy a sketch and later have the cost deducted from colour prices once you can afford it. Ordering Instructions Fill out the form below if you want to order and send it to me as a private message - don't post it in the thread! Please make sure to include screenshots of your character from the front and the back. It should look something like this: In Game Username/s: I want to order: I would like the following extras: Character screenshot: Headgear names: Eye colour: Picture references: Notes: Open Slots Slot 1: D Slot 2: [Open] Slot 3: [Open] Progress Key: Thanks for dropping by, I look forward to drawing some amazing characters! Tip Jar: 40c
  3. COMMISSIONS OPEN! Hello! I hope you enjoy my work! I am a humble artist that lives from her drawings but I also have a RO obsession so I set up shop over here as well. I can draw anything asked without restriction, and will make an effort to learn if It's something I haven't tried. Warning: I live from my drawings so I try to make them as cheap as possible, thanks to this I may be swamped with commissions, that said I'll take any commission but I won't receive payment until it's your turn. I apologize if it makes you wait a bit but trust me I'll get to your turn as quickly as possible Here are my prices Time on drawings and price may vary slightly depending on difficulty (Example a complicated beast or armor might take a bit longer or cost an extra credit) Extra characters that cost less are because they are entwined in the same drawing and will probably interact with the other in a way that they might overlap (like in a hug or a fight), since this may obscure details for the other one they cost less. If you want both caracters to be seen completely then I recommend ordering a complex drawing or separate requests. SAMPLES Will also receive as payment: (these will cost as much as the credits they can be bought with in game) -Ifrit Card. -Lord Knight Card. -Evil Snake Lord Card. Once more. I have no don'ts on my conditions all I ask is patience from your part. This means NSFW/guro/furry/beasts/monsters/ponies/loli/yuri/yaoi/poring gangbang trust me, no conditions try me n_n WAITLIST Contact Hope I'll be able to make drawings that can steal smiles from you n_n Thank you so much for liking my artwork.
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