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Found 6 results

  1. Greetings, I would like to yet again stress the GMs and admins to fix the Battleground mechanics and contents. Active players will just log off and Eir will be dead again if event such as this is not working. I am excited enough just to see the battleground announcement as it is. We only lack of participants. But we can still manage to make it active nonetheless. p/s: Fix the current MOTD npc and mechanic as well. Also, add ul some other automated event npcs. This will attract new players.
  2. Answered. Thanks
  3. If you want me to pour you with Zeny come and sell me what you have as per below list. My Creator need below mats for killing people. Help her collect these materials at her buying price. Karvos: 25,000 Zeny Stem: 500 Zeny Immortal Heart: 1,500 Zeny Fabric: 1,500 Zeny Strong Vine: 2 each. (Need 10) I am in need of Green Salad for healthy living in game. Otherwise, sell me Lv.5 Cook Book. Green Salad: 5,000 Zeny Level 5 Cookbook: 500,000 Zeny My Champion is almost finish with his training in Cursed Abbey. He need some cards to prepare for his next mission! Abysmal Knight Card: 8,000,000 Zeny (Need 3) Incubus Card: 8,000,000 Zeny
  4. Lets make this forum active 8D Was looking on my RRO folder and thought of making some post like this lol. Nothing to say really, share funny screenies or stuff you have from Eir Old time screens would be interesting too, im curious :0 (Please use spoilers for screens just in case :o, also you can paste img links directly from here https://community.rebirthro.com/gallery/)
  5. McLain

    Bug list

    Here are some bugs we've found from Eir: - Blessing is not equal with all HPs (stat boosts are between 10-20) - @duel has a cooldown of 60 min - @changegm is not working (you can't change guildleader) - Some equips are not equipable (Green Whistle, Stem Whip, Red Bag, Black Wing, etc? - too high lvl requirement ) - Some cards do not have the customized eir effect (Beholder Master Card, etc?) - Some items are not storeable (Mega Resist Potion, SP Consumption Reduction, etc?) - Weapon/Armor Refinement are not working (Def and Atk are not added) - No Kafra Cart Rental (works only in guild castles) - There is no Catacomb NPC in moscovia - @cstorage is not working - Laver item is not working (you dont get a speed boost) - Box`o`Boxes doesn't give any items - Guild Dungeons are empty - Katars do not give double crit - @mail is not working - WoE traps are bugged (people can go sometimes over them) - Some donation gears are not working in ET - Quagmire is not working in ET - Empathy Skill is bugged (after death it is no longer working)
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