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  1. Hello to who is reading this is just a basic equipment guide to those new to cedi ^^. You can either join people cedi party or run your own set, note that all the loots will go to party leader and party leader is the one who pay to run (party members just join to help with run and don't nid to pay out anythings). To who wants a better understanding please read http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Cedi_MVP_System I will take the summarize of the cedi system here. What is a set? There is quite often to be said old cedi and new cedi. This is a set of Old Cedi. This is from npc Timtom. Tim Tom is located at Yuno (115, 288) Clear Nectar (Tier D) Yellow Nectar (Tier C) Red Nectar (Tier B) Blue Nectar (Tier A) 125 Cedi Points 250 Cedi Points 2 Bio Sample 500 Cedi Points 2 Quality Bio Sample 1000 Cedi Points 2 Pristine Bio Sample This is a set of Old+New Cedi.(yep the ambrosia is the only things added) This is from npc BillyBob. Billybob is locate at yuno airport then i know u will ask where is it. @go 9 walk left from marvin, until u see a small path continue walk left and u will see stairs walk up stair and enter the building, after that turn right and go upstairs in the building and walk abit up u will see billybob. Yellow Nectar (Tier C) Clear Ambrosia (Tier D-2) Red Nectar (Tier B) Yellow Ambrosia (Tier C-2) Blue Nectar (Tier A) Red Ambrosia (Tier B-2) 325 Cedi Points 2 Bio Sample 750 Cedi Points 2 Quality Bio Sample 1500 Cedi Points 2 Pristine Bio Sample Notice that the blacket of tier is the items u get from npc and the point form items is what u nid to trade in order to get the tier. What does it mean? Nectar Requirement What you get? Clear Nectar(TierD) 125cedi points Bio sample+Loots Yellow Nectar(TierC) 250+2BioSample Quality Bio Sample+Loots Red Nectar(TierB) 500+2QualityBioSample Pristine Bio Sample+Loots Blue Nectar(TierA) 1000+2PristineBioSample Clear Ambrosia(TierD2)+TierC 325+2BioSample Yellow Ambrosia(TierC2)+TierB 750+2QualityBioSample Red Ambrosia(TierB2)+TierA 1500+2PristineBioSample 1 set Old Cedi (4000 cedi points)TimTom only 8 Clear Nectar(TierD) 1000 8 Bio Sample +Loots 4 Yellow Nectar(TierC) 1000 4 Quality Bio Sample+Loots 2 Red Nectar(TierB) 1000 2 Pristine Bio Sample+Loots 1 Blue Nectar(TierA) 1000 1 Consummate BioSample(BCA)+Loots 1 set FULL Old+New Cedi (5300 cedi points)TimTom 1st phase BillyBob 2th-4th 8 Clear Nectar(D) 1000 8 Bio Sample +Loots 4C+4D2(Clear Ambrosia) 1300 4 Quality Bio Sample+Loots 2B+2C2(Yellow Ambrosia) 1500 2 Pristine Bio Sample+Loots 1A+1B2(Red Ambrosia) 1500 1 Consummate BioSample(BCA)+Loots 1 set Old+C2B2 (5000 cedi points) TimTom 1st-2nd Billybob 3rd-4th 8 Clear Nectar(D) 1000 8 Bio Sample +Loots 4C 1000 4 Quality Bio Sample+Loots 2B+2C2(Yellow Ambrosia) 1500 2 Pristine Bio Sample+Loots 1A+1B2(Red Ambrosia) 1500 1 Consummate BioSample(BCA)+Loots 1 set Old+1B2 (4500 cedi points) TimTom 1st-3rd Billybob 4th 8 Clear Nectar(D) 1000 8 Bio Sample +Loots 4C 1000 4 Quality Bio Sample+Loots 2B 1000 2 Pristine Bio Sample+Loots 1A+1B2(Red Ambrosia) 1500 1 Consummate BioSample(BCA)+Loots I think this pretty much clear up some ppl concern when reading the whole wiki (coz im quite confuse when i read wiki) How to Check Your Cedi Points: Kindly Pm NPC:Marvin to check or marvin is located at @go 9 under the ache you can find him there to check or drop card to him. To check card points: http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/Cedi_MVP_System/Card_Values You get point via Drop card to marvin or Eden Reward (from cursed old chest and cursed old box) Basic Sniper Equipment Guide Note: This is only basic guide not for perfect. Tier D~B Top: Drooping Amistr’s Hat (Loki) Mid: Large Red AngelWing (Dark pinguicula/Duneyrr) Lower: Wing Scarf Armor: +7 Alligitor Leather Suit Weapon: +7 Goblin Bow (2 abysmal knight card) Garment: +7 Alligator Leather Cloak Shoes: +7 Alligator Leather Sandals Acc: Recondite Ring(Implosion/Pokey) Acc: Recondite Ring(Implosion/Pokey) Note: volcano won’t be affecting if you wearing above set. Optinal Tier A: Pragmatis with Pasana card will be required to reach the hit if u not using gator set or gb (so you wont miss cthulu) Optional (better damage output) for Tier A: Candy Cane Hat Valentine Blush +10 Coronis' Wing with 3ak or 2ak+1scorpion (careful if you got ws in ur team mean ur bow will be break unlike GB is undestruable) So after this basic set what you gonna get one by one next will be: 1. +10 Goblin Bow 2. Lucius Fire armor with gloom under night card (which fire armor increase your atk when u stand in volc) & Ebony with ascendant orc card 3. +7 Heroic Backpack with anunaki card (or +9/10 if u can) 4. Lord Knight Card Arrows For Each Tier Basically, I will just carry all element arrows and their quivers for convenient but I also understand when weight problems pop up so here is to lead what arrows u will be nided in each tier. So you also don’t nid keep asking prof doing moster property(the only mobs require prof to monster property is only tierB garm) ^^ Tier D Arrows Detale Prime Wind arrow Strong Baphomet Strong Dark Lord Strong Doppelganger Strong Dracula Strong Lord of Death Strong Osiris Holy or silver arrow Strong Eddga Crystal arrow Optional: Fire armor with ktullanax card Tier C Thanatos Prime Immaterial first then shadow arrow(when you see your damage become lower) Baphomet Prime Osiris Prime Dark Lord Prime Holy or silver arrow Tier B Garm Prime Wind and after get hit change element (according monster property by prof) Bacsojin Prime Shadow arrow (as long as she didn’t successfully cast pneuma she won’t change element) else monster property Tier A Cthulhu Wind arrow Tier D2 Primal Lord Kaho Primal Kraken Wind arrow Primal Skoll Crystal arrow Tier C2 Primal Orc Champion Primal Sewer Bug King Fire arrow Tier B2 King Poring Rusty arrow Fire arrow(only when u in volc & got fire armor) Note: When you on Tier B2 aim King poring only, if you hit bring it on!(the small poring) it will cast stripping on ur team prof and this can create chaos. Basic Professor Guide Warning: This beginner prof set will require support to survive in cedi (or prof himself bring yggdrasil berry) Top: +9 Elunium Mask Mid: Large White AngelWing (Mistress card) Lower: Hip Ribbon Armor: +9 Elunium Breastplate Weapon: Keris +10 def (Golem Card/piggy card) Shield: +7 Vigilate Shield(alice card) Garment: +9 Elunium Spaulders Shoes: +9 Elunium Greaves Acc: +5 Topaz Ring Acc: +5 Topaz Ring Any card on weapon that make weapon undestroyable is fine. Pushback Orb on Vigilate Shield is Highly Recommended(that make your run lack chaos happening). Tier A : Tidal shoes with Icering Marin Party Hat with Leaf Cat or Leaf Yatta with Leaf Cat Optional : Bring cold resist potion Next stage eq: 1. +10 elunium set 2. Vendor clip with Osiris card 3. GTB 4. +12/14 def keris Proffessor tanking guide Basically just went in and volcano on the place that sniper gonna hit behind and tank in front, wall of fog self and safety wall self is highly recommended. TierB Basco Why pointing out, because this annoying basco cast pneuma and change property that can make your team unable to do full damage output and also will disable to atk when pneuma is on. To prevent this happening you will nid to safety wall around her. TierB Garm Monster property is required once after first hit. TierA Cthulu Go in find where is cthulu, volcano under ache and walk down stick to wall luring cthulu near to let sniper hit from above. Dispell will be required when it cast shield (that make it take lower dmg). Tier C2 Orc Hero and GTB You nid to do dispel when they cast shield(your mate will hit miss if u didn’t dispel). Tier B2 King Poring Option 1: You Tank KPs then you will nid to cast land protector on yourself. Option 2: You are second prof , cast volc on the place sniper stand. Support Class Instant Casting Soul Linker Top: Drooping Loli Hat(2x Dark Illusion card) Mid: Fable Silk (Dark Illusion card) Lower: Anything Armor: Great Old Hauberk(or any armor is fine) Weapon: Anything Shield: Orlean’s Shield(alice card) Garment: Caligcious cloak/Great Old Cloak Shoes: Valkyrie’s Shoes Acc: Orlean’s Glove(Belzebub card) Acc: Respledent Ring(Belzebub card) This is just for instant casting kaizel Soul Linker for fast buff in cedi party. Basically Soul Linker just nid to kaizel, kaupe, kaite all the party members and kaupe prof when he/she is tanking. Linking is optional. High Priest Top: Priestly Nurse Cap/+7 flax hat Mid: Large White AngelWing (Mistress card) Lower: Anything/bag from rdc/pouring rucksack Armor: +7 flax vest Weapon: Hardened steel mace Shield: Valkyries’ shield(alice card) Garment: +7 flax hood Shoes: +7 flax shoes Acc: Respledent ring(zerom card) Acc: Respledent Ring(zerom card) Casting blessing, gloria and imposition manus on sniper is very important in cedi to boost ur mate’s atk, meditatio lv10 do make a small diff on ur buffs. Optional casting: assumption, magnificent, angelus DON’T do Magnum Exorcimus because this can make the mvp to chase you if tanker didn’t stand properly(then you will see chaos happening), you can cast sanctuary on your mate for easy heal and also ready resurrection on the hot key that most easy to press so you can ressu ur teammate immediately if they dead. High Priest normally stand behind sniper and so you wont see the mvp and it is for a safety range because TierC Baphomet and DL does splash hit and mostly people will die on it. WhiteSmith Anything you can just go naked as long as you have the skill weapon perfection and power thrust skill (of coz both lv5) Summoners (beast job) Anything you can go naked as long as you have max the skill bunch of shrimp. This skill required to use shrimp. You can get it by doing http://irowiki.org/wiki/Tom_Yung_Goong_Quest until step 3 and u can buy shrimp repeatly. Paladin Anything as long as you got max level gospel. One of the random stat giving by gospel is double atk. Note: paladin gospel give random stat which sometimes make ur weapon/armor holy that can make ur damage miss/lower to some mobs. Sniper should aware of changing eq to remove the effect. Bard & Dancer Constant changing cast Humming and Drum of Battlefield to increase party members atk. I think that's fairly all I got, will edit again if I think of more ^^. Hope newbie enjoy yours runs with your job.
  2. Can you please post your updated equipment for Tier D-A? I'm a super noob with weak damage in CEDI. Thanks!
  3. Welcome to RebirthRO! hopefully this guide sorta helps you as a skeleton of what you can do when starting out, feel free to take detours here and there to avoid getting burnt out! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Beginner items you recieve when you start the server and follow through the tutorial! novice set includes, armor, shoes, garment, clip and ring novice angra manyu use this as much as you can to help you to get to max level! every physical attack you do heals you Rebirth.RO 16th Anniversary NPC you can find this npc also in @go Mall near the top beside donor rewards npc the gear here is a one time claim but can be transfered towards all your characters in the same account! Try to see if you wanna get some nice FREEEEEEE items by doing the regular job quest, you'll be given items like Swordsman Card Box http://ratemyserver.net/re_item_db.php?item_id=13874&small=1&back=1 1 hour package (exp manual) https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/1_Hour_Package_Vol_2_(13635) Swordsman Package https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Swordman_Package ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Commands you might wanna use! @go @return @die (trust me this saves some time) @ii (item info) [use it like @ii Alice Card) @id (the command works with the Item number, when you input it, it'll give you some links to click!) [@id 4253] @time @mi (monster info, grants you more info regarding a certain mob) [@mi Alice] @autoloot 1~100 @aloottype (from armors to weapons, to healing items) @alootid (Specific Items you wish to loot) @playerstate Elemental All @playerstate racial all @playerstate general Chat Commands #main (English Only, this way you can avoid getting muted) [Muted is with the red speech bubble, which doesnt allow you do talk, nor use skills] #pr (Party Recruit) #lounge (other languages are fine here, i think?) ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Leveling Areas (suggested by oO Little Oo) 1~50 Moscovia 50~99 Cursed Abbey lvl 2 Rebirth 99~1 1~50 Moscovia once again 50~99~110 Cursed Abbey lvl 2 110 ~ 255 Catatombs https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Biolabs_B1 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ when you get to max level, the suggested quest line to follow is onwward to the new world quest https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Onward_to_the_New_World_Quest A glast from the past quest https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/A_Glast_from_the_Past Pouring Questline https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Pouring_Rain_Quest https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Pouring_Blood_Quest https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Pouring_Hope_Quest https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Pouring_Oil_Quest Notoriety quests https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Notoriety_Quests ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ when it comes to gearing up it really depends on your character class, but the suggested around after asking majority of players would be to have a crit type based class Drooping Amistr https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Drooping_Amistr_Quest then the gear you should aim for would be the alligator set https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Alligator_Leather_Sandals https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Alligator_Leather_Suit https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Alligator_Leather_Cloak click the link on how to make these https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Artistry_and_Crafting_System/Tailoring you can however purchase these from other players! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ when it comes to farming for zenny Farm in the MVP room~epsilon (raw item/equipment sell) the loots there should help you a lot when it comes to farming zenny! @aloottype +card @aloottype +usable @alootid +1552 @alootid +2507 @alootid +607 @alootid +13303 Farm in MVP room~alpha Mistress will be your target, as they drop Old Card Albums @alootid +616 from here on out you'll be set for getting ready to farm up in HoA for newer equipment, such as items like RGR (Reset Girls Robe, ID: 41207) https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Reset_Girl's_Robes SVS (Sir Vincent Saber, ID: 41201) https://wiki.rebirth.ro/wiki/Sir_Vincent's_Sabre check out how to farm in Geffen Guild Dungeon with a HP, both Zenny and Guild points! and many more items to help you pursuing the other quests from moonhaven, invek, RDC and even Cedi! ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ dont forget to ask around for help, an amazing community, and feel free to join the discord server as well! https://discordapp.com/invite/Hn9dGxy
  4. Here is all you need to know for the 2017 christmas event: Need a party. (no min players) ^ Taken from http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/2017_Christmas_Event Now for the Children locations according to your gifts: ^ Credits to Rozenskye for the mob drop list. NOTE: Once you see sasquatch and marin mobs in your map, you have already completed acquiring all the quest items and was warped (forced) out from the event field. Proceed to talk to sarah and get the gift box to deliver to the children. Reward: As a completion reward, you will get a "Christmas Gift (2017)" box. Below is a list of possible items you are able to obtain randomly (list contributed by players on main chat). Santa Mask [2] Christmas Cake Hat [2] Christmas Cake Ring [1] Angeling Beanie[2] Rudolph Rucksack[1] Artist Hat [2] Nyd Hair [2] Rainbow Confetti [1] Winter Scarf (2017) White Scarf (alternate colors: Red,Pink,Cyan) Random mob cards (Muka, piggy, zombie, megalodon) <-Probably works like OCA Merry Christmas everyone !
  5. The Temporal Boots are special pairs of footgear crafted using materials collected in the Old Glast Heim memorial dungeon (OGH). The plain boots can be used as a poor man's Variant Shoes, but their true strength can be brought out with its elaborate system of upgrades and enchant. They are also part of a combo with Faceworm Skins. Every 3 refinement level of tempSTATboots gives special effect, for instance, in the case of temporalDEXboots : For every 3 refinements, Max HP +300, Max SP +10, and DEX +3. Therefore, people tend to refine tempSTATboots to +6/+9/+12/etc. In order to craft +6/+9/+12 tempSTATboots, one can do this following steps : 1. Gather amount of temporal crystals from OGH instance. Bring several characters into one OGH run, so you can earn more temporal crystal. 2. Talk to Rupika. Exchange temporal crystal to temporal boot. 3. Refine temporal boot(s) until it has desired refinement level Thor's refinement system, read here 4. Talk to Arugoru. Upgrade your refined temporal boot to tempSTATboots (it cost temporal crystals) Note: you may not bring another tempSTATboots/temporal boots in your inventory. He will reject you. Only bring 1 boot. Addition : 5. Adding slot. The slot is needed to slot a card into your tempSTATboots. Talk to Arugoru, add the slot. 6. Enchanting. Enchant gives your boot extra power. Guide to enchant is here . Talk to Rufaku, enchant. You are going to need a lot of coagulated spells. Info : Current price. Temp crystal 1M. Coagulated spell 300K. Images and source are taken from: http://irowiki.org/wiki/ https://www.novaragnarok.com/wiki
  6. Ok, so I did some research on the previous forums for MvP and PvP/WoE Sniper builds, but I got confused with so many options ( especially cards and gears ) to choose from. My plan is to build a Hybrid Sniper ( DS and Crit-type ) so I need suggestions, advice, and of course, CRITICISMS from the veterans MY INFO: Gears +8 Alli Set 2x +8 Pragma ( No card ) +8 Sniping Suit ( No card ) 2x Dex3 Recon rings ( I'm confused on which card should I put. Pokey, Implo, or HAC? ) 2x +7 GDS ( Dragon Tail and Anunaki ) +5 Ebony Greaves ( Ascendant Orc ) Rainling Balloon ( No card ) +30 Wings ( 4x Dark Ping ) Dex PvP Helm ( No cards ) +10 GBow ( 1 TG ) Composite Bow ( 2x Aunoe, 2x The Paper ) LRW ( No card ) LWW ( No card ) +8 Calig Cloak ( No card ) Stats 110 Str 90 Agi 80 Vit 255 Dex 100 Int 120 Luk Misc. Items in Storage 4x Dark Ping 4x Leaf Cat 1x Isis 2x Gemini 1x Angeling 1x Nekoring 1x Whispering 4x Permeter 2x Pokey 2x Implo 2x Dex3 Orbs 1x SMdef100 1x PerfectHit5 2x TG 4x Hydra 3x Aunoe 1x Lora 1x LoD EDIT: Additional questions Why is Sdef10 Orb recommended for Snipers? And what is the effect of reducing your Soft Def anyway? Long Range Mellee resist = Long range Normal attack only? Mdef Cards or Elemental Resist cards? Thanks in advance guys
  7. Hi! I thought I'd do a little post for some people who do not know about the new towns available on RebirthRO. (There's also a Maintenance post about the towns too...) The only place we have quests for headgears and hats and such is only on Moonhaven at the moment. The GM team are working on getting more quests implemented soon, so be patient! Thank you c:! Anyways, down to business... to make these new headgears you must first go to Warpra -> Towns -> Moonhaven. You will be in the new Fairy Town! Here's Angelica, one of the NPCs. Located: Moonhaven; 209, 195 Butterfly Aura - Lower Costume (Animated) 100 Moth Wings 50 Star Dust 1 Bloody Butterfly Card Light Staff - Middle Costume 200 Fine-Grained Trunk 20 Topaz 10 Strong Vine 100,000 Zeny Blinking Eyes - Lower Costume (Animated) 5 Black Dyestuffs 50 Dark Piece 1 Glasses [1] 10,000,000 Zeny Here's Raina, second of the NPCs. Located: Moonhaven; 239 218 Flower Barrettes - Upper Costume 1 Flower Band [0] 10 Bouquet 100 Flower 5,000,000 Zeny Pirate Mantle - Lower Costume 200 Fabric 10 Scarlet Dyestuffs 3 Pirate Skeleton Card 5,000,000 Zeny Helm of Gersemi - Lower Costume (Animated) 100 Insect Feeler 50 Emveretarcon 2 Dustiness Card 100,000 Zeny Sleepy Blinking Eyes - Lower Costume (Animated) 5 Black Dyestuffs 60 Dark Piece 2 Sleeper Card 10,000,000 Zeny Here's Albert, third of the NPCs. Located: 235, 233 Air Pressure - Middle Costume (Animated) 1 Gas Mask [0] 100 Toxic Gas 1 Noxious Card 5,000,000 Zeny Alice Wig (Blue) - Lower Costume 300 Blue Hair 1 Circlet [1] 1 Ribbon [0] 5,000,000 Zeny Neko Headphones (Red) - Legit Upper (Animated) Kitty Band [0] 5 Scarlet Dyestuffs 1 Headset [0] 10,000,000 Zeny Side Feather Hat - Legit Upper 200 Feather 6 Darkgreen Dyestuffs 3 Black Dyestuffs 10,000,000 Zeny Pirate Mantle - Legit Lower 200 Tattered Clothes 5 Scarlet Dyestuffs 1 Black Dyestuffs 10,000,000 Zeny That's all for Moonhaven's Headgear Quests, Enjoy and Happy Farming <3
  8. I have some questions, how does clown perform in term of pvp playing a role of a killer in this server? Do they deal great damage? As I can see they cannot spam Arrow Vulcan that much so what is the other alternative skill to use to kill someone? If they can do great damages, what are the suggested equipments assuming that I have the money. Thank you
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