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Found 2 results

  1. TheOtherOneWhoKnocks

    About Homunculi Intimacy

    Currently, it is painfully time consuming to raise a homunculus. I've spent days just feeding it, and it doesn't love me (T-T). The way it is right now, it is almost unconcievable to have a Homunculus S as a Genetic. I know i can speed it up by voting, but it hardly makes a difference, and forcing the player to vote in order to have it is... disgusting, imo. Encouraging: sure, go for it. but since Thor has such a high exp rate, i think it's only fair that the intimacy, both for homunculi and pets, should have multipliers as well. I Hope my plea is heard... i'm not the only one suffering from this, I know it.
  2. Acerio

    Post maintenance errors

    So the maintenance patch happened. I log in and find that any things, like my homunAI are turned off. I use AzzyAI btw. I turn my AI back on get my screen shutdown while I'm still logged in and find an error report saying that 'something' is trying to pick 'something' up. I was in Aldebaran with no 'somethings' on the floor. AzzyAI worked before the patch without difficulty. Did we change to a different AI preference? Has anyone else had difficulties with their mercs or homuns?