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    we at RE:Monster would like to invite you to a gathering at the hidden dungeon on the first of May at 11AM - 4PM central time on may first. we at RE:Monster would also invite anyone with good intent and a need to see smiles on faces to help organize this event. the event will consist of both normal summon branches with a raid boss type mvp at the end. - finishing hit - Most damage dealt - First to die gets - Most deaths gets - Most mvp kills gets - Most healing dealt Finally after the boss is dead a Random name from among those who fraught and killed or died to the last boss " made it there" will get a +30 all stats random headgear. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ all items BB's prizes etc. paid for by RE:MONSTER Guild we are not to be held liable for loss of EXP. we will not be held liable for loss of items including but not limited to weapons,Armour that are broken during the event. you must show up at least a half hour before hand so you can register. registration will take place in game and on site at hidden dungeon floor 2 not 3. final boss will be on floor two and a announcement will be made when the final BB's have been used and killed. then the final MVP will spawn on the other side off the bridge. everyone will be given a countdown and when the buzzer go off run for that big baddie and give him a spanking. all prizes are 100 PP save the last one Finish him for 200.