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Maintenance Notes

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Ello Players! This is our first maintenance without Syphon. May good things come to him in the future.

As most of you know, he was removed from the team, but if you are unawares please visit : Coup d'Rebirth

It is unfortunate that it came to that, but know that we did this for the sake of our players. We intend to make Rebirth.RO #1 like it used to be, so help us do so by reporting bugs to us and making use of our Bug Tracker

Next, I want to let you all know that the hardware for our Server Hosting move has been purchased. We're excited for the move and we hope you are too! This will greatly lessen the lag for everyone.


[New All Servers]

  • Fairy-Angel War
    • There are 2 sides to this brand new content. Fairy side or the Angel Side. You can only choose 1 side per character, no changing sides! Run around and talk to different npcs, you may just find out a little bit about the war. Be prepared, each side has mobs that can be challenging, so take some friends with you!
      • Angel side is located in the Castle City, Invek. You can get here by heading to the Kafra, selecting Towns and choosing Invek.
        • Once you've gotten to Invek, you'll find a npc named Miss Adeline who will ask you if you are sure you wish to be on the angel's side, if you agree you just head south to the Guardian, he will take you to the battlefield where you will fight Fairies and at a chance you'll gain points for Fairy kills.
          • The points will be used in future headgear quests coming out next week.
      • Fairy Side is located in Moonhaven. You also get here by using the Kafra. Once you've gotten to here you will find some headgear quest npcs, and some npcs that talk about the war and then direct you to the Ancient Fairy to choose the side of the Fairies. Once done, you'll head south and look for the Guardian, he will take you to fight the angels.
    • Each side will be getting 16 new headgears (costumes and real gear) so keep a look out for a reply to this thread with all the headgears.
  • Donor Box 2018
    • They can now be opened. New items/costumes/cards. Have fun.

[Loki Fixes]

  • Sealed Drake Card now works as intended

Free Autotrade Weekend! Never got the chance to try @autotrade ? Now you can try it for free! Limited to this weekend only, don't miss out the chance to sell some of your stuff without needing to keep the client open while you do it. Reminder: You can only have 5 autovendors on at a time.


Client Errors:

if you are having trouble viewing sprites or having problems in general use rebirth.ro/install and click the Client Fixer

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