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Suggestion Topic Guidelines

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  • Suggestions are moderated. This means that once you POST a suggestion, it will not automatically appear.. They have to be manually approved/moved by a GM or admin. The suggestions are pruned after 15 days of inactivity, so if you don't see your suggestion anywhere, and you still think it's a really good idea, you may repost it once. However, do not repost a suggestion simply because your first suggestion was denied, and you don't like that. You should also refrain from specifically approaching GMs/Admins about where your suggestion is. It will get there when it gets there.
  • It takes a really long time to go through suggestions.. There is a large quantity of them. Reading, moving, and replying to them each day would take hours, so sometimes the replying step has to be left out. With that said,
  • If your suggestion has been denied, but you have no idea why. First, look it over from the perspective of a GM. How would it affect game play, the economy, or other players? Is it practical? Is it possible? If you still can't see why, try looking back through the Denied sub forum. Chances are, someone has already made a topic like that, and it's already been answered.
  • Before making a suggestion, ask yourself these questions: Would it benefit the entire server, or just me? Will it help or hurt the economy? Does it have the potential to severely unbalance classes? Is it practical? Is the effort involved worth the result? Is it just a cosmetic change “for funsies” or does it have an important impact? Is this suggestion just a thinly veiled angry protest about a policy that I dislike and that I hope I can bully the GMs into changing by amassing a large army of unhappy players? Generally, the more frivolous a suggestion is, the more likely it is to get denied. If you can incorporate these answers into your actual suggestion, the world will be better, and less puppies would be kicked.
  • Take a look through the subforums first. Even a quick search will do, but do try to make sure you're not suggesting something that's been suggested many, many times.
  • Make it well thought out A detailed, well formed, and malleable suggestion is better than a vague one without any proposed solution. If it can stir rational discussion (read: something more complex than “+1” or “hell yeah, they should really do this!!” or “Lol no you suck”), then it has a better chance of making it through.

This is currently a list of things that will be automatically denied:

  • Permanently changing server rates.. This is a midrate, that's how it always was. Sometimes, we have fun things like floating rates, but seriously, at 100x exp rates and 20x drop rates, it's already pretty darn easy to level and get stuff.
  • Making NPCs sell things for cheaper. The economy Is already pretty bad. Considering you can generate an infinite supply of Zeny from hunting, it really won't kill you to pay that extra 1000z for your stuff.
  • Adding commands that radically change server functioning. No, we will never have @warp, @item, @goto or anything of the sort available for the general public. Once again, this is a midrate, there has to be a limit to laziness.
  • Anything like scheduled events.. Besides the week long automated events we might have for holidays, these are not going to happen. It's already been tried, it did not work. Keeping an event schedule often interfered with emergencies or busy hours, and it also drove the GMs crazy. Moreover, the lack if novelty made event participation plummet, since everyone knew when to expect events and no longer considered them as fun.
  • A system that involves player based moderation or giving anyone partial GM powers Anything organized by us has to be monitored, quality controlled, and selected by us. The sheer amount of time put in for administration would overrule any benefits. Moreover, it's unfair to give a regular player the power of being a GM without giving them any authority. So no, just no.
  • Anything that involves making money or items easier to get. Once again, this is an economy issue. Ours is bad. Making things easier to get will not make it better.
  • Recoloring anything and everything for the sake of it. Recolors do happen, but only for the more popular ITEMS. Recoloring actual sprites will probably never happen due to the lack of practicality. However, implementing a bunch of new items has a lot of repetitive, menial labor involved. So doing something like that if only a very tiny fraction of the population is even going to bother looking at it is not worth it.
  • Reverting to the old client. This is an inevitable change. If you want to keep progressing and getting new updates, this new client has to be involved.
  • Implementing things that iRO just recently got OMG HOW NEEWW!. RRO, like most private RO servers, runs on Hercules. This means that everything that happens on iRO has to go through Hercules first, and this can take lots of time. It also usually has to be modified simply because iRO is a default server and we are not. In short: we can't wave a magic wand and suddenly have new things pop out.
  • Anything that increases the general strength of premium items. While there are and probably will be certain premium items that need some tweaking to get them up to par, but the general strength of premium items is still very high.
  • Adding more payment methods. While we are not saying there will never be any new ones, finding a reliable, efficient, and economical payment method is very difficult, especially if it has to be usable by an international audience. If you know someone trustworthy that fits these criteria, you can try suggesting them, but a vague suggestion like “Add a new cellphone method!!” will not be accepted.
  • Anything that involves violating the privacy of another user. We will not give out emails, user names, important details, and the like. You will not ever be welcome to see someone else's private case or problems unless you are needed there. We refuse to make a spectacle out of something that should be private.

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