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New/Returning Guild Promotion

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To continue to celebrate our 15th anniversary we're starting a program to encourage new guilds to join or former guilds to return.

The offer is available to guilds of 15 or more returning members or 20 or more new members. You must return or join as one (as in, not recruit from the existing player base). Being a WoE guild is not required. New guilds will receive an Emperium and the guild will be leveled to level 10. Returning guilds can be leveled up 10 if they are under level 10.

Both new and returning guilds will be offered a small guild town (no NPCs). If you want a larger guild town you will have to pay the difference.

Each member of the guild will be given a Guild Promo Box. The box contains:

  • 1 account bound Great Old Set
  • Various cards (you choose from a list)
  • 2 Accessories (you choose from a list)
  • 1 Weapon (you choose from a list)
  • 1,000 LPP
  • Several consumables used for WoE (look at the "WoE Supply Box" loot box, it will be most of those)

The box itself also acts as a Max Level ticket. It will level a character to 255/120 trans job of your choosing.

In addition to the above, we will be giving out a new set soon with exclusive sprites equal to a donation set (+30/+30/+15). This will be for everyone, not just returning guilds.

I will also give a guild town to any guild that has 15+ reps (unique IPs) during 4 consecutive WoEs regardless of the join date of the members.
(Only get the town and that's it) Each IP is logged as a unique IP so they cannot be used to gain a guild town for another guild.

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