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Amnesty Event [2018]

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Ello Players!

It's time for an Amnesty Event, so if you are banned or have a friend that is banned you need to pay attention and read this topic very carefully! Failure to follow directions will cause your application to be denied. Amnesty is an event that is done for the benefit of players who have learned their lesson and want a second shot at having their accounts back. It is not a right, and you will make no such demands in your application. Before you apply, keep in mind that depending on your reason for being banned, your account or specific items on it may be deleted and wiped clean.

What is an Amnesty event?

The Amnesty event is a chance for banned players to be unbanned. It is not a guarantee and you should not assume just because you apply that you will be unbanned. If you have an IP ban, your accounts will remain banned but your IP ban may be removed. If you are unbanned and given a second chance on any of your accounts, ANY transgression will result in a permanent ban. It doesn't matter how minor the infraction is, you will be on a zero-tolerance policy for the rest of your RebirthRO playing career.

Who is not eligible?

Paypal fraud (charge backs, trying to hide credits, etc)
Repeated disrespect of other players or staff
Having Amnesty granted in the past
If you were banned for any of these reasons you will not be up for Amnesty. Please do not waste our time with applications for these issues. All bans have specific reasons for why they occurred, lying won't help you.

How do I apply for Amnesty?

1) Log into support.rebirth.ro on the account that was banned.

2) Click "Submit a ticket"

3) For department, choose Amnesty, then the server you mainly play on

4) For subject, enter "Amnesty for: <your account name>"

5) For the body of your paragraph, include at least 1 or 2 characters on the banned account (or accounts covered in an IP ban). Note : Post real characters, not Lv1 alts you're using to identify the account but hide who you are.


Also include a brief explanation of why you got banned. (Don't lie about this. That does not go over well).
Why you want another chance and any other notes about what happened, how you feel you can still be an asset to the community, etc.
All requests must come from the account owner. Do not attempt to push blame on other people or players. My friend/brother/mother/uncle did x/y/z "its not my fault" etc will not help you. In fact, likely it will cause us to skip over your application. Amnesty is for helping people who made mistakes and learned from them. We are not looking to unban malicious and indignant individuals who seek to cause chaos and undermine the servers rules. Do not email as a character witness for your friends telling us how sorry they are or worthy they are to be unbanned. We don't care what you have to say on the behalf of your friends. The account owners themselves must make the email and state their own case. Anything you do to "help" them will only do the opposite.

All requests for unbanning may be posted for the general forum public to see, so if you take issue with others knowing why you were banned or that you attempted to be unbanned, I suggest you do not take part in this Amnesty Event.

The event starts RIGHT NOW and ends at 23:59:59 sever time, on Wednesday February 28th. Any emails after this deadline will not count. Amnesty will be granted no later than four weeks after the deadline. If by that time you have not received a reply, you likely failed to follow directions. 


On another note: complaining about the length of the amnesty event, asking when the next one will be, or otherwise complaining about not getting unbanned will severely lower your chances of getting unbanned in the next such event, if there is one, and will lower the chances of this kind of event being repeated. We take the time to do this, essentially, because we feel that some things could have been mistakes and that people can change--try not to convince us otherwise.


Questions can be asked here. Do not go to Help Desk to ask questions about Amnesty. Do not make individual forum threads to ask about Amnesty. Do not PM individual GMs in game or on the forums to ask about Amnesty. Doing any of the above may disqualify you. If you have a question, ask it in this thread.


Reasons for being denied amnesty will not be given. If your support ticket is closed without a reply, this is a denial. Multiple accounts / alts will not be unbanned if your main account is unbanned. This topic will be automatically closed when the deadline is reached.

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