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War of Emperium Changes

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I think it's no secret that WoE has been in a decline for quite some time. It was bad before the coup and it's only gotten worse since. We've been wanting to make changes to WoE for some time, the biggest block was time. With so much emphasis placed on generating income, not much time was ever left for content. Changes for WoE require a lot of thought and planning. WoE is delicate and requires very intricate changes to maintain the balance of challenge vs fun. We need to add rewards to WoE that don't require you to have the rewards in order to do WoE, otherwise, you end up with the initial guilds being unable to be challenged by any new guild. This is a trap many other servers have fallen into. Buffing god items, especially, is delicate. If they become too strong and guilds hoard them then new guilds cannot offer a challenge, they will get frustrated and leave. At the same time, the items need to be powerful enough that people will desire them. 

So, what changes do we have planned? Well, lets split this into 2 parts. We'll talk about the changes that will be in the next 2 maintenances and some changes that are planned for farther down the line.

Upcoming WoE Changes
The first change will be to castle treasure and god items. We don't have a lot of specifics as of yet but we will be rebalancing castle drops to include more useful items and less garbage. You'll also be able to upgrade god items (add slots/stats) using new materials, currencies, and Zeny.

Future WoE Changes
I think the biggest future change is we want to start rewarding those who participate in WoE, even if they don't obtain or maintain a castle. People that go into castles, be they hitting or healing, should be rewarded, win or lose. With our new, faster, server we can now log additional information including damage dealt, damage resisted, damage healed, etc without causing any lag. This is important for this change and was the primary reason we couldn't do it before. We will then issue rewards based on this information, so the more you participate the greater the rewards are. We'll even log how long you (your character) were in a castle (vs not in a castle) and how long you (your guild) held specific castles.

We plan to reward a new WoE currency for this that you can redeem for items. The items will vary from equips to hats (w/stats) to costumes.

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