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Happy 15th Anniversary! Claim your rewards!

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As Rebirth.RO enters its 15th year, we have to take the time to see what we've accomplished over the years. We are responsible for many of the innovations in the private server community. We invented Dyna-Hats, @noks, and more. We have a lot to be thankful for too: no wipes, our newfound independence, and our new lag-free hosting.

As I stated in a previous post, in honor of our 15th year we've decided to celebrate in many different ways. The first of which is a free set of donation items for every player. To claim your items visit the mall and speak with "Rebirth.RO 15th Anni" (114/90) and select them. These exclusive items will only be available during the anniversary festivities.

As this year goes on we'll add more items to this NPC. Not all of them will be equipments, but there will be lots! Thank you for playing Rebirth.RO.

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