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PSA: Game Trading

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If you are trading for items in other games please remember some very important rules/guidelines:

  • You are only allowed to trade POINTS for items in other games. You cannot trade items from RRO, only POINTS.

For the following guidelines, I will use this example: Bob is trading a weapon from FFXIV to John in exchange for 500PP.

  • You MUST make a post/reply/PM to me BEFORE you make the transaction. This post must be made in a way that affirms the entire outline of a deal. i.e. "I (John) am trading 500PP to Bob for [item name] in  FFXIV," then Bob needs to reply accepting it. This is the log that will be used in determining who's right/wrong in the event of a dispute (i.e. a scam).
  • You should trade the out of game items after verifying the buyer has the points in RRO. John would show Bob his 5x 100 point coins, then Bob would trade John the item from FFXIV, then John gives Bob the 500PP.
  • Both sides should screenshot every aspect of the trade, especially the parts taking place in another game.
  • This is the ONLY order that works because if John is a scammer we can forcibly take the 500PP from him. If you trade the 500PP first then Bob can run off with it and we can't get you those items in FFXIV. If that 500PP is already in the economy it's gone forever.

If you violate these guidelines we will not help you. At most, we will ban the scammer and that's it. You will not have any items returned to you.

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