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2018 St. Patrick's Day

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Some Poporing Leprechauns stole gold coins from Unlucky Leprechaun. Your job is to help him get back his gold coins.

  1. Go to Prontera Field 6 (Right side of pront) and talk to Unlucky Leprechaun (43 201).
  2. He'll ask you to help him get back 40 of his gold coins stolen from him.
  3. Kill Poporing Leprechauns. It looks like Poporing with a Hat. It will drop Gold Coins by chance. You can look for it in these maps (c/o Phoenx):
    • prt_fild05
    • prt_fild06
    • prt_fild08
    • pay_fild01
    • pay_fild08
    • pay_fild7
    • gef_fild00
    • gef_fild07
    • gef_fild04
  4. Once you've collected 40 gold coins, go back to Unlucky Leprechaun. Give the gold coins in exchange of some useful items.
  5. You can repeat the event once done.

Items you can obtain include:

  1. Beer Hat
  2. Green Coppola
  3. Green Playboy's Cap
  4. Green Necktie
  5. Costume: Rainbow (c: Misale)



Beer Hat.jpg

Geen Coppola.jpg

Green Playboy Cap.jpg

Green Tie.jpg


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Haven't tried using Cake Ring/Hat combo yet. But try Candy Cane Hat + LRW.

Green Playboy Cap doesn't have any additional bonus if your using wind attacks so Candy Cane Hat is more stronger I guess, aside from it is 20% and 50% bonus as compared to 20% and 40%.

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