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Tier System Updates

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Hey everyone! This month (April) we've got some updates for the Premium Tier system. This was added a while back to reward small donations. As per usual, it was used in ways we didn't expect. It's proven really popular and people have been asking us to add tiers above $200. We've now done this, along with a few new items and other changes. Check out the changes below.

  • Only the next $100 in tiers show instead of all the tiers.
  • There are now tier types. For the most part, this hasn't changed what's in them, it just highlights tiers that contain better items. The types are:
    • Regular (grey)
      • Typical stuff. The best item that can be in a regular tier is a Donor Box.
    • Gold (yellow)
      • Includes something special. Either expensive (GRT) or exclusive.
      • Initially, these are rare. The first one is currently at $50 and includes an Apollo's Quiver.
      • As you get to higher tiers these occur more often.
      • The next gold tier always shows. If it's not one of the next 2 tiers you will see 3 tiers (unless there are no gold tiers left)
    • Secret (red)
      • Expensive, very high-level tiers. Most people will never see a red tier.
      • Includes a lot of stuff
      • They won't show until they are the current tier you are working on unlocking.
    • Unlocked (green)
      • Any tier you unlock will turn green. It will vanish completely once claimed.
  • There are now over 20 tiers.
  • There are now several Premium Tier exclusive items:
    • Apollo's Quiver Box (30-day rental accessory)
    • Premium Costume Box (30-day rental costume)
    • Floating Kitties Box* (30-day rental costume)
    • Kawaii Stars Box* (30-day rental costume)
    • Floating Kitties* (permanent costume)
    • Kawaii Stars* (permanent costume)


*These items are Unknown Items for now.

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