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Mac Compatibility

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I'd like to improve our Mac (OS X) compatibility, perhaps even make an installer and client fixer just for Mac. To do this I need to actually have a Mac. I have no interest in Macs myself, I'm a PC guy (Windows and *nix), so it's not something I really want to spend my money on. We don't really have -that- many people on RRO using a Mac either, it's enough that I'd like to improve our support for Mac, but not so many that I feel it's fair just using money from the general donation pool on a Mac. So, what I'd like is for any Mac users, or just anyone, who would like to see this happen to donate to the cause. They are about $300 on eBay so it's not a whole lot. If we get $500 I'll buy a new one instead so we get a warranty, but a used one is fine. If you'd like to donate to the cause just donate normally then message me in Discord with your username and donation amount and let me know your donation is for the Mac fund and I'll note that. Once we get enough I'll update this post and leave a message in Discord announcements. I'll also take a donation of a Mac if any of you have an old one sitting around you'd like to donate. I'll give you PP equal to the value of the Mac (using eBay to get the going price). It needs to be working and decently new, able to run the latest version of OS X. It doesn't have to be perfect (i.e. a broken keyboard/trackpad is fine, as long as it has a working USB port) but obviously the less perfect it is the less PP you'll get for it.

Thanks for your time, hopefully, we'll get this sorted.

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