Recolorable costumes o..o

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Hello, I'm wondering if we could get more costumes with different colors.

By this i mean by having the ability to go to the meowster and change the color of the costumes with credits.

But not many costumes can be dyed so i suggest few i would like to have that ability because i'm an addict o..o

Here they are:

Mad hatter (Red, Yellow, Black, Blue, Pink, Purple, Green)

Panda hood (Black, Red)

Frost Mystie (could be called something else after colored to another color) (Red, Black, White, Yellow, Green)

The pet costume aka the bunny or the cat would be nice to be colored.

Also if Arc Angel wing garment could be turned into a costume through the costumer would be nice also c:

And dyes for it (White Black Red Blue Green Yellow Pink)

These are just few i had in mind but for future new costumes etc. would be nice if they could be recolored as well.

Thank you, Zyb <3~

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Costume: Gold Saiyan Tail (2015)
So people can match it to their hair color.

White Cat Ears twitchy-twitch
Reasons same as above.

Costume: Model Training Hat
Would be cool to make different books selectable at the Meowster, for a price (Premium Points).
Simple re-colors of the Apple and/or Book, would be fine, too.

Costume: Undertaker Hat
Different colors of this would be awesome! Light Brown, Dark Brown, Red, Gold (yellow), White.
Not sure about Blue or Green or Pink, but might as well do those too, if it doesn't cost you too much to implement.
If pre-colored variations of the Costume: Undertaker Hat could be offered in the Cash Shop, that would be very convenient.
The option to also re-color them later (if the player changes their mind) at the Meowster, for a premium point price, would be quite convenient, as well.

Recolors for Salem and Shiba Inu would be cool.
@Zyb mentioned "The pet costume aka the bunny or the cat". What are they? I must know.  @_@

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