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+9/+12 GSS Vit/Vit Special Vit enchants LBO




Pink Costume Balloon

Magestic Helm Costume

Valkyrie Helm Costume

Elven Ears Costume

2017 Easter Event Costume

Halloween Costumes

I am open to selling these costumes or trade to other costumes too


Selling / Trading:


+7 Little Feather Hat (uncarded) 700m or 23c

+7 Black Ribbon (from Touhou box) 450m or 15c or trade to a +7 Oni Horns or +7 Plain Black Mage Hat or 2pcs Pendant of Maelstrom



Free: For Newbies 

Goibne Set xD

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I wouldn't recommend Agimat Tattoo because from what I remember, its a temporary item. There are some cheaper and probably better stuff you could use in Loki (seeing as you're new to Loki from Thor) like Recondite rings ( for melee and range) and Resplendent rings or Ring Des Nibelungen (for magic). Recon and Respl can be obtained from cedi and Ring Des is from quest. Alternatively, you can use The Sign (pure quest so basically free)

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