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If you want me to pour you with Zeny come and sell me what you have as per below list. 

My Creator need below mats for killing people. Help her collect these materials at her buying price.

  • Karvos: 25,000 Zeny
  • Stem: 500 Zeny
  • Immortal Heart: 1,500 Zeny
  • Fabric: 1,500 Zeny
  • Strong Vine: 2 each. (Need 10)

I am in need of Green Salad for healthy living in game. Otherwise, sell me Lv.5 Cook Book.

  • Green Salad: 5,000 Zeny
  • Level 5 Cookbook: 500,000 Zeny

My Champion is almost finish with his training in Cursed Abbey. He need some cards to prepare for his next mission!

  • Abysmal Knight Card: 8,000,000 Zeny (Need 3)
  • Incubus Card: 8,000,000 Zeny


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On 2/26/2019 at 11:34 PM, Oi the Massacre PART X said:

Have about 5 Incubus Cards i could sell but 8m is not even nearly enough for one.

Willing to trade for credits or items of equal value to me though.

Please state your price and we'll negotiate from there. You may contact me on Discord too.

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