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PSA: Trash Talking

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So, this appears to be the hot discussion at the moment: Trash talking.

First, trash talking is only allowed in #main in certain circumstances:

  • During normal WoE hours
  • During the 15 minutes following the end of WoE
  • During PVP events (both GM held and Auto Event)
  • During the 15 minutes at the end of a PVP event

Outside of these times, trash talking in #main will be treated as light harassment and is punishable by mute and/or jail and/or ban. Note that we tend not to punish weak harassment (i.e. "<name> sucks!!! hahaha") even outside of the above times unless the targeted person complains. If you are the subject of trash talk outside these times and wish something to be done about it you need to report it. You can use NPC:Report if a GM is online, Discord (via PM), or screenshot it and report it via support.rebirth.ro.

Also, I want to make it clear that there is a fine line between trash talking and harassment. If you cross that line, even during the approved hours, you will be punished -- in many cases even when no complaint is filed. Where is the line? It's hard to say, but bringing in personal details definitely crosses the line. This includes, but is not limited to, revealing a person's real name, phone number, or insulting someone directly (i.e. say you know someone has a speech impairment and you mock them). Threats of physical violence such as murder or rape will not be tolerated at any time in any medium under our control. In general, keep it to game related stuff. Telling someone that they suck at the game, that they should "get skillz n00b", etc is acceptable.

Also, keep in mind this only applies to #main. If someone is harassing or trash talking you in PM, use /ex. If it's in public, right click and click reject messages (this blocks public chat). If it's in guild chat, contact the leader. If the leader refuses to help, you should leave the guild. We are not the moderators of guild/party chat. Except for major rules (i.e. spamming, threats of physical violence, etc) moderation of those channels is handled internally by the leadership.

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