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Woe guide

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Introduction and Basics

Hey buddies! I'm writing this guide cuz I’ve noticed some people are having a harder time than others in woe, so I decided to help.

Now, although gears might be important, the key to succeed in woe is communication. If you don’t communicate you’ll end up with groups of people scattered around not going where to go, going inside castles by themselves, not following the rest of the guild. And since it's hard enough to type while you're fighting, you gotta find other ways of communicating with your guildies. That's what discord is for, it may sound obvious to many of you, but being in voice chat during woe helps a lot, even if you can't speak, be there to listen.

The second important point is to know what sort of castle you're dealing with. Woe has changed abruptly over these last couple weeks and I know it can be very hard to adapt. We're only dealing with second edition castles now. You must remember that these have three entrances now: the typical entrance from the portal, and then the two entrances from the NPC outside (one that warps you to the left, aka west; and one that warps you to the right, aka east).
If the occupying guild of, let's say, Vidblainn is camping the portal entrance and they're in range of the west (left) NPC entrance, that means you should enter using the castle by using the NPC's east entrance. And this applies for every castle. Learn your spawn points, learn your flags, so when you scout the guild leader will know where to command everyone to go.
In order to understand how woe 2.0 castles work, first you need to know there's 2 guardian stones (stone 1 usually on the left and stone 2 on the right) and 4 barricades. The first barricade ever (also known as stone cade), depends entirely on the stones and you must break those in order to be able to get past this barricade, since its immune to all attacks. So once both stones are up, you need to take both down, although if both stones are down, rebuilding one isn't enough to build up stone cade.

If any of the stones gets broken, any guild member can rebuild it after 5 minutes have passed. The required items are: 30 stone, 1 oridecon, 1 elunium, 5 blue gemstone, 5 red gemstone, 5 yellow gemstone. The order of the first three items is: stone, elunium, oridecon. Note that you need to have /effect on in order to know which gemstones to choose.

After stone cade, there's 3 more barricades on the way to emp (cade 1, 2, and 3, being 3 the closest one to the emp). These can only be built by the guild leader, and once they are down, they cannot be rebuilt again unless the emperium breaks.

The materials needed to repair a cade are: 30 trunk, 10 steel, 10 emveretarcon and 5 oridecon. The npc will ask for them in random order, and depending on the dialogue you'll know which material to choose. If it asks for top priority, you use a trunk, for pretty solid use emvertarcon, for somewhat solid use steel and for "something" use oridecon.
I recommend getting a few Barricade Repair Kit and Stone Repair Kit from the premium shop, they help a lot specially since you’d only need to open them when you’re about to rebuild a stone/cade.

Now let's talk about party setup. There's 3 basic type of characters when it comes to fighting in woe: Support, long ranged damage dealer, and close ranged damage dealer. You might be thinking how come there's no tank? If the pally tanks. Although it’s true, you also tank for the pally as he gives you extra 1m hp with some extra buffs, so might as well call him support. When it comes to team composition, there needs to be synergy. For example: if your main damage relies on ss snipers, then you need a pally to devo them since they won't survive by themselves, priests to heal that pally, and maybe even a sl to buff the sniper when he pushes, you could even use a prof to LP your enemy and have a ninja as your main magic damage dealer. Also you wanna prioritize who receives devo and who doesn't. It's a common mistake to believe that the tankiest chars should get devo (like a creo, clown, prof, sl, etc), since those can survive by themselves. Those on your devo priority list should be your priests and your killers, specially those who push.

It's imperative to try and have enough supports to cover your damage dealers. For example, priests to heal up the damage they take either from getting attacked or from reflect, and to pneuma when the team pushes; a linker to cover the damage dealers under devo who are pushing, since those don't get heals because the pally does; a prof to lp the enemy's pneuma works amazing if you're running snipers, ninja and creo as damage dealers; a clown is ALWAYS necessary, almost every char gets great benefits from bragi, etc.

If you want class-specific guides you'll find them on these links:

Support (Pally, Priest, SL, Clown, Prof)
Killers (Champ, Wiz, Sniper, Creo)

I'm not taking breakers into account because I don't really care about those tbh. Nor some classes that either aren't being used a lot, or I haven't played in a while.
A few general tips for every class before moving on:

  1. You can choose your armor property with Variegated Vest, just cast Warm Wind (any level) until you see a colored tube. If the tube is blue, you now have water armor, if it’s green you have earth armor, for wind you need a yellow tube and for fire a red one.
  2. Use consumables. Not only slims and blue pots obviously, but also regen pots, elemental resist pots, PD foods, holy armor scrolls, foods that increase your damage (+10 stats, rune cakes, aloevera, fortis, bg matk/atk foods, rdc rainbow foods, etc).
  3. Use a pet. Some of them make a huge difference, and don’t forget to feed them.
  4. If you need to swap a lot of gear I recommend eden sets. But remember these are consumables too so they’ll have a delay. For example, you won’t be able to use your sets if you’re potting.
  5. When you set your stats, always add extra 25 dex after you got your total of 150, to counter quagmire.


Support Classes
Disclaimer: On most of the characters I’m showing my own build due to many people demanding it, I know there’s some gear not everyone can afford, but it can be replaced (Like Cthulhu with marc, sealed OH with regular OH, PKC with alligator/yoyo, etc)

There’s 5 support classes I consider useful in woe. If you need advice for another one feel free to ask, I’ll try my best.

  • Pally

The pally’s main role is to give extra 1m hp and really good buffs to 5 priority targets, while also working as a meatshield when your guild enters a portal (although, with 3 entrances on each castle, you shouldn’t need that). That’s why your main objective on a pally is to have as much HP as possible, and once you’ve reached it, to be as tanky as possible. Having equipement that increases the amount of healing you recieve helps a lot too.
The first one of the following images is my own pally build, I sacrificed some HP and tank stats on it in order to have anti-freeze, so I don’t get frozen by my own clown when he’s using frost joker. The second image is another build, with more hp and more tanky, but without anti freeze.



I don’t expect everyone to have a sealed orc hero, or a pkc, but if you still don’t reach the hp threshold you desire, you can still play around with other gears like Antique Helm (if you set yours to give hp), gec, ebos, etc.
Some useful pally tips:

  • Always remember to refresh buffs on pally and spam your devo targets since they might be dispelled (they could also wear gtb since the heal would be focused on you).
  • Use pressure on champions (as a priority, but you can use it on everyone) to lower their sp so asura hurts less.
  • As soon as the snipers (and maybe gs) are dead, turn defender off, since it’s annoying to walk with such slow speed.

This is another alternative for a tanky high HP build, the asteria ring is there to cure Crit Wounds.



  • Priest

Priest seems easy to play, because it would look like you just gotta spam heal and your job is done, but it’s far more complicated than that. Although you obviously need to heal everyone, you also need to watch out for crit wounds on your pally (and freeze too), pneuma, and even safety wall if its necessary (remember you can’t use both pneuma and safety wall on the same cell). Aside from keeping everyone buffed 24/7, even your attackers with imposito for extra damage.



I used to have a vendor clip with pkc on the missing slot, you can always try and get a glorious ring instead, or a vendors with alligator. Sometimes I swap my mace with long mace too. If you don’t have a clown on your guild, I recommend you use kiel on your shoes.




You could sacrifice some tankiness by replacing Healer’s Heart Hat for a Feather Ribbon for a bonus 3 lvls of Meditatio which gives a bonus to healing, and 3 extra lvls to Bless and Increase Agi. (Dyna here is set to Feather Ribbon). The reason for having both a Poring Book and an Asteria Ring here is because Asteria is needed to provide removal of Critical Wounds with Cure, and the Poring Books 7x7 range is necessary if your team likes to scatter a bit farther than Asterias 5x5 range.


  • Soul Linker

Soul linker is a tricky class to play because, as it can be of great help for your guild, it can also backfire. Your job is to keep everyone’s link up, spam everyone with kaupe, but only spam with kaite those who are both pushing and under devo, and yourself (specially the squishy killers, like a sniper). Why under devo? Because they won’t be getting heals. If you kaite the pally for example, he won’t be healed and he’ll die faster. But when someone under devo takes damage, they don’t need to be healed at all. Also ALWAYS carry a fable silk with you, for when your link runs out. In the following picture I show my SL gears, note that with the dyna set on fox ears, pd food, and a loyal brony pet I get 98 pd, which, with breakfall and kaupe spam makes me basically impossible to get hitlocked. I have a giearth on my fable silks.




  • Clown

A clown is a must have when it comes to woe, not only for the songs: bragi insanely reducing your after cast delay; idunn granting a lot of bonus hp, and whistle with the extra pd. But also because of tarot, good rng with tarot can completely destroy the enemy’s setup.
When you play clown it’s important that you’re always linked (either from a linker or with fable silks), in order to receive the buffs from your owns songs (which also helps keep track of them). Note that in my following clown build I still swap some gear: I use a leak card and an amorous narcissist when it comes to frost joker, and I also have a +10 valk manteau and a +10 solid guitar in case I need pd. I, obviously, do keep a fable silk as well.


Alternatively you could use,




With this build, Tidon is used which gives 50% stun resist, which means that if you use 2 geminis, Orc Hero is NOT needed and can be replaced with another card of your choosing. Poring Priest Card now gives freeze immune with this armor as it was buffed to give 50% freeze resist along with the tidon, making it 100% which makes it great for people who enjoy to use holy armor. Antique Helm has Demi Resist, Intravision (Maya Purple), Max HP and neutral resist. Vigilante Shield uses SDef10 and Coma orbs to lower soft defence and make you coma immune. Great Demon Shackles with 2 alligator cards is a cheap alternative if you can’t afford PKC or don’t have vendor clips.


  • Professor

Even though a prof can be an insane damage dealer, I’ll focus on the support side for this guide. It’s very hard to explain what one should or shouldn’t do as a prof, so I’ll just make a list of tips.
Dispell focus on someone key, better if it’s the pally and let your guildies know. You gotta be smart tho. If a champion is pushing you, he probably has a gtb. So try to dispell those who should never have one instead.
Combo maya with magic rod; to reflect without taking damage.


Lp can be more your enemy than your saviour, since your priests won’t be able to pneuma. Sometimes it’s a better idea to LP the enemy and not yourself.
Soul burn champs, spellbreaker ecalls, use other ground spells on your own guild (for example volcano and make your wizards spam meteor storm with salamander).
Spider web, but don’t spam it. Prioritize those who are either trying to run away, or pushing your guild but you gotta stop them from getting in range (like lks, champs, etc).
You can obviously use a combat knife instead of the staff if you don’t have one. Also a +10 Solid Book works fine, you can even use it with a +10 valk manteau for more pd.



  • Champion

The way I play champion is by speed potting into the enemy’s stack, asuraing someone, and then speed potting away (if there’s a portal nearby I’d rather go out the castle, heal for the sp and come back). The trick on how to play this class is knowing how to asura, and your gear takes a big part on this decision. First, you need a nice amount of HP in order to take the reflected damage from a devoted target, then you’d need a Baal (if you don’t have one, you can use a SBK Shield as highly refined as possible in combination with a Poised Cloak). And finally, if possible, you’d need to be devoted in order to have some extra HP.

    It is also a good idea to have a GTB shield in case there’s a prof on the enemy’s stack (you can’t asura if you get dispelled), and be aware of other champions since they can absorb your spirits (or you can absorb theirs).



    When you build your champ you gotta remember the damage takes into account your CURRENT (not max) SP, up to 6k. So try being above that, also if possible get some ranked blue potions, which when used with regen pots heal a considerable amount of your sp.

    Some alternatives to my build are: Of course Orc Hero instead of the sealed version, Marvin’s Mace instead of Crimson. You can use a gioia on your armor, or even a marc. If you want more damage, a GDS or +9 HBP works, even The Sign instead of a meg in some occasions. If you want more HP, you can use Ebos instead of Tidals, or a PKC if you have one on either a Recon or a Poof Eye Ring. If you pick the last option, use it with a Hardened Steel Spiked Shield. I wouldn’t replace Jolie nor Trident/Candy Cane for more damage or stats, since the range helps a lot. Plus, lowering your damage can be a good idea sometimes. The pet you want is a Poring GM or any with extra damage when using neutral, there’s no way around it.
    Note: cards that cast skills (such as TG, casting Magnum Break) will interrupt your asura..



  • Wizard

The wizard is one of the most popular damage dealers in woe, but, it’s also one of the most tricky ones to play properly. Since this isn’t an in-depth guide about how to play it, I’ll just give some tips:

  • Unless your build is extremely tanky (which means you won’t do as much damage) don’t stay in range of your enemies, it’s better to keep hitting and running back.
  • You can use ganbantein not only to remove the enemy’s LP (since it prevents you from hitting them with aoe spells), but also to remove their traps and even pneuma, doing your snipers and creator a favor.
  • It’s wise to have a PD set always ready on your wiz, since, if you get hitlocked, your sp will go to shit.
  • If there’s a professor on your team, you should have a garment with salamander card and ask him to cast volcano for you, so you can spam some meteor storms with bragi.
  • Use quagmire not only on portals, but also when running away from people (with lov, and sg if you have a staff of the tower).
  • Walking speed is very important. If you can’t afford speed potions I recommend you consider a 25% speed mid and Ebos.



As in every other build from this guide, there’s alternatives. As I mentioned you could go for a 25% speed mid instead of the Hookah. Another option is to use a status rod instead of a damage one, like a Staff of the tower with Little fatum, chicky and asb. A fine rod works too. You could even use a wise old woman’s wand or undead runestick. Or even the staff of the tower with RSX combo, for cold and damage. If you have jessica cards they work as well but I don’t think they’re worth using with the current meta.


  • Creator

 A creator is sort of a mix between a ranged killer and a frontliner. Even if its obvious that ad is a ranged attack, since the creator is (or should be) the tankiest of the killers, it should be the one pushing and luring all the heavy fire from the enemy guild, with the squishy (but stronger) damage dealers behind its back. A few tips on how to play this class:

  • If you can’t afford that many bottles use one (or two) grand poporing rings.
  • Use demonstration to fuck up stalkers or whoever wants to cloak past your guild.
  • Use Bio Cannibalize lvl 1 on traps in order to walk through them (the plants will take the traps, making them worthless).
  • Make sure all of your guild (including yourself) is FCP’d 24/7. You could get a +9 Harverster Hat for AoE fcp.
  • If you dont use a lif as homun, I recommend you have a set of gear with a 25% speed mid, 7 exp lifs, ebos and moonlight (I use orc hero, giearth and gtb on mine to prevent statuses).
  • You can also have a damage set (RDC helm, sterne with 3 centipede larva, pyuriels on your rings) and a tank set like the one shown below.





  • Sniper

Although they’re quite useful, snipers aren’t supposed to be the biggest damage dealers in woe, so don’t try to be aggressive cuz you’ll get focused and you will end up dead. Your job is to stay hidden in your stack, making use of your range to pick off the biggest threats the enemy has, or focus an important member of their lineup. Another tip is to focus sharpshoot in whoever pushes, so you’ll be out of range of the rest of their guild, but still hitting them because of the splash. Also, to tank is, in most cases, more important than dealing damage. You’ll be much more helpful to your guild if the enemy has a hard time killing you, so play smart. Also status effects play a big part when used correctly, so consider getting a couple bows with status cards.
The following screenshot shows a sniper with sharpshoot gears, you can go full damage if you want by using +9 hbp and duneyrrs instead of resist cards. Also, when you get targetted, it’s recommended that you put on a shield, a ck, and maybe even a demi resist hat, and walk out of range of whoever was hitting you, either making them switch targets, or luring them closer to your guild.




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You can see them in the chat... Navys was using gmc, dae and aunoe; cthulhu for the vvest (you can replace it with anything that grants unfro).

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