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Ello players!

With some feedback we got about WoE is it became really hard to compete in 1 castle. Sooo we're trying 2 castles per WoE with the same mechanics as before. Each castle comes equipped with extra entrances. However, 1 entrance has been moved over in Vidblainn as they were a tad too close together.

WoE 1 Castles: Vidblain & Mardol

WoE 2 Castles: Horn & Himinn

Each castle is equipped with a WoE Token Redemption NPC that contains old god item materials specific to the castle. They will only show up if the Guild Leader of the Guild owning the castle invests into Economy and Defense of the castle. In order to receive WoE Tokens you must be in a castle and MOVING doing something not afking. Else you will get 0 WoE Tokens. As a reminder you can gain WoE Tokens by speaking to the woe token npc everyday if you own the castle. You'll have to relog still to get out of the message box until I'm able to fix that but it will still award you the tokens.

If you have 65 economy and 30 defense in for example Mardol, you will see this in your WoE Token NPC:

God item materials will pop up starting starting at 15 economy and 5 defense. Yes you need defense too! It boosts your emp HP so do it =D

I've heard people asking about how do we make Megingjards and Brisingamen etc if people don't do the Quest Seals.. Well I have a solution for you, but you need to own a castle and invest in it! You need 55 Economy and 25 Defense for her to even speak to you. You must be a Guild Leader in order to make these items once per day. Similar to Okolnir, but without the quest required. Once Lenneth has been used to make an item her magic will be used up for the day and will disappear until the next day at 00:00:00 Server time where she will appear again.

Each of the 4 castles will make 1 god item.

Horn = Mjolnir

  • Items required for Mjolnir: 2 Thor's Gauntlet, 4 Iron Maiden, 5 Wrath of Valkyrie, 5 Billow, 5 Omen of Tempest, 40 Gold, 5 Elunium, 20 Oridecon, 1 Stunner [0] (item id: 1522)

Mardol = Megingjard

  • Items required for Megingjard: 4 Cat Tread, 5 Woman's Moustache, 4 Root of Stone, 3 Sputum of Bird, 5 Sinew of Bear, 20 Gold, 10 Sapphire, 10 Oridecon, 1 Belt [1] (item id: 2627)

Himinn = Brisingamen

  • Items required for Brisingamen: 4 Freyja's Jewel, 4 Silver Ornament, 3 Drifting Air, 3 Ripple, 5 Snow Crystal, 20 Gold, 2 Sapphire, 5 Cursed Ruby, 10 Opal, 3 Pearl, 1 Necklace (item id: 2603)

Vidblainn = Sleipnir

  • Items required for Sleipnir: 5 Feather of Angel Wing, 4 Emblem of the Sun God, 3 Wheel of the Unknown, 3 Breath of Spirit, 3 Spirit of Fish, 20 Gold, 10 Elunium, 1 Boots [1] (item id: 2406)


Crimson Set:

Armour: Increases Max HP and SP 10%. Reduces after-cast delay by 5%. [Must wear the full Crimson Set to get the following effects on the Armour]:  Reduces damage from Demi-humans by 1% per 2 refines. Provides immunity to Stun, Silence and Coma.  Provides 50% tolerance to Freeze. Increases Heal Power by 10%

Cloak: [Must wear full Crimson Set to get the following effects on the Cloak]  Reduces damage from Demi-humans by 1% per 2 refines. Reduces Long Range damage by 1% per 2 refines.

Boots:  Adds 10% Additional Speed. (Stacks with other speed bonuses). Increases Max HP by 1.25%*refine. Reduces aftercast delay by 5%. [Must wear full Crimson Set to get the following effects on Boots]: Reduces Long Range and Misc damage by 1% per 2 refines.

Crimson Ring:  Increases Atk and Matk by 5%. Increases Hit by 50. Reduces after-cast delay by 5%.

Crimson Shield:  Increases resistance to Water, Wind, Fire, Earth, Poison, Dark and Holy by 1 per 2 refines.
[Must wear full Crimson Set to get the following effects on Shield]: Reduces damage from Demi-humans by 10%.  Reduces Long and Close range damage by 1% per 2 refines.

You can get these from Moonhaven from the Armour Craftsman; near the Weapons Craftsman. You need a total of 1500 fairy points in various Rupee form from the Fairy Royal NPC.



  • [Fixed] Event Dyna NPC
  • [Changed] Gorrilla Costume Box/Horse Head Costume Box  are now tradeable.
  • [Changed] Henry Morgan Card now does the following effect: 50% Freeze Immune and has a chance to auto cast level 5 crit wounds when being attacked.

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