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End of Summer Sales have arrived to Prontera!

Sale 1.pngSale 3.png

Sale 2.png




  • Hats from Moonhaven/Invek now have effects!
  • Feathered Top Hat effect got reworked.
  • Phoenix Card now has an effect.  10% chance to auto-res. 1% chance to cast burning, 10% damage to medium-sized monster.
  • Destiny Card now has an effect. Chance to cast coma on enemy when attacking. Chance to cast confusion when attacking.
  • A choice to obtain a BCA Lite version has been added to TimTom when completing Tier A. However, upon choosing this option you do not continue on to MVP Cedi.
    • Difference between BCA from MVP cedi and BCA Lite is the chances are better in the BCA from MVP cedi.
  • WoE Token npc no longer makes you get stuck in the message box. Yay~


coming soon :( Sorry guys


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