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hi guys!

i am a returning player here

i don't know if this forum is still alive, but i'm in dire need of creds atm

so please do fund me by buying arts from me! uwu


[ ] FREE

[ ] FREE

[ ] FREE

samples (i'm only offering whole body illustrations!) - 60 c


Kireila by kaiiruuu2Dietrich by kaiiruuu2


  • 3 slots at a time
  • no rushing! - i may work slow but rest assured your piece will be finished
  • no furries, sexual innuendos/pairings (anything R18), mecha, armors and pets
  • the customer must pay the amount first before i start anything (sorry, i've experienced A LOT having customers that do not pay after i finish illustrations)


how to order? - simply copy paste this and fill up the information!  ;   my IGN is iDietrich if you need me in game!



References/Screenshot of Character:

Eye Color:

Any additional/Character Personality:


thanks for stopping by and see you around : )

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