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Equi's Signing Off

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Dear players and colleagues,

I regret to inform you all that I have decided to put an end to my activities here on RebirthRO, and possible end the arc of my life that has been Ragnarök Online.

I have had many challenges, many great moments and some downers, but all in all this has been a great learning experience. I will miss sneaking around and popping in to start a conversation, explaining mechanics and decisions to the players and generally trying to be as helpful as possible. The amount of experimentation I could do as a GM was my biggest achievement in my eyes, as I learnt a lot on the malleability of the engine and so forth.

My reason for ending this journey is simple: Time is a resource that must be spent wisely, and for me time expended in RebirthRO has waned in value/fun compared to other ventures.
From this philosopy I want to give you all a message as well: Time having fun is time well spent. Keep having fun in RebirthRO!

Of course I have not left just yet, I intend to do two more events this weekend. Saturday after WoE2 (Post-poned to Sunday; Exact time unknown) and on Sunday (Time to be announced, somewhere between 13:00 servertime and 19:00 servertime; depending on my availability).

Yours truly,

- Equilibrium, Thor Gamemaster

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