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Force Sit needs to stop.

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Throe Voice from the +7 Lyrica Hat needs to be nerfed. Having a 2 second cooldown, even lower with bragi, force use of /sit on an AREA from RANGE. Is Unintuitive CC. 

There is no Counterplay to being force sat from someone who is at a range. Especially in a war environment where skills are being thrown everywhere. There are no indicators that you have been sat down until you either, 1) See yourself through all the Magic AoEs being thrown around, 2) look to the side of your screen and search through all the buff icons for the sitting one.

Countering force sit is just as annoying. having to press insert, which is across the keyboard, or worse, a Function + other key for laptop users. Or hotkeying /sit which is just as annoying. By the time you notice this and stand up, the cooldown for sit is already reset and your ass is already on the floor again.

The sit sprite can even be buggy at times, where if you are force sat at the same time as getting hit. You'd be in the combat idle sprite but sitting. So you have to sit TWICE to remove it.

Now before anyone goes "Oh, but Sura's have 'Windmill' to force sit", 

1) This ain't a 3rd job server, Sura's irrelevant to Loki Balancing.

2) They're melee. The skill only works in a 5x5 radius around the CHARACTER. Not being forced from RANGED.

3) Being a physical skill. It can miss on targets. Throe Voice is just a status skill, It cannot miss.


Suggestions on nerf.

Increase delay to 30 seconds.

  - Makes it more situational and team play skill. Not another clown annoy-o-spam skill. They already have screen wide cancer spread and Tarot.

Change it to be streamlined with Night Sparrow Hat's Wink Of Charm. The Gypsy version of the skill.

 - Wink of Charm = "This skill will now Charm players, at the cost of an increased cooldown on the skill to equal that of the duration of Charm. Charmed players will not be able to attack you, and you will be immune to their skills, traps, etc. as well."



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Rather than it making you sit down, just make it have you be force stunned (i.e estun stun) in said aoe for a second or two. would make it a lot more convenient and a lot less buggy than force sitting.

Whilst we're on this topic aswell, make nightmare card counter deep sleep aswell as regular sleep! Adds another headgear card to be used if you want to be resisted to it.


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