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Eir Battleground Badge Swap reduce actual amount by half.


I went to swap my battleground badges where my Bravery Badges are 38 and my Valor Badges are 282. Once I swap via NPC i get half of my original badges. Is this working as intended? Click here for screenshot 1 and here for screenshot 2. Because I farmed those badges long ago before server became dead and I don't think it is fair to me. It's hard enough to gather people to start BG and with current Eir population, this may encourage anyone (even me) to abuse Battleground feature.

Also, any updates on Battleground bug fixes? I got a few friends that may come back to play. Beside WoE that starts at 3.00AM our time, BG is another alternative to those whom may not be awake or tired enough to stay up for WoE at 3.00AM.



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