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100% neutral resist prof

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hi guys,

i need help to make a better prof for gold cedi.

if u guys can help me with the builds i couldnt be more happier.

ty in advance.



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based on the title, here are the gears i have to reach 95% Neutral Resist.

+5 Deviling Party Hat = 5%

Great Old Hauberk = 10%

Vigilante Shield + Parasite Card = 15%

Winged Cardigan + Deviling Card = 60%

Poring GM Pet / Kyuumi Pet = 5%

***The Deviling Party Hat to be at +10 to achieve 100% Neutral Resist.

Here is a link to the screenshots showing differences in damage with and without those equips: https://imgur.com/a/NMVyLtL


I haven't tested these equipment in Tier Z of Gold Cedi since that's the only Boss I know that casts a weird version of Earthquake. (damage can't be lessened with GTB Card unlike Orc Knight's Earthquake).

I think there are better builds for Gold Cedi, which I don't know, I just use my usual Cedi Prof Gears in that area and I rely on Wall of Fog, Assumptio and Yggs as my crutches.

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