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Newbie Guide for fresh players in the server!

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Welcome to RebirthRO!
hopefully this guide sorta helps you as a skeleton of what you can do when starting out, feel free to take detours here and there to avoid getting burnt out!




Beginner items you recieve when you start the server and follow through the tutorial!

novice set
    includes, armor, shoes, garment, clip and ring
novice angra manyu
    use this as much as you can to help you to get to max level!
        every physical attack you do heals you

Rebirth.RO 16th Anniversary NPC
    you can find this npc also in @go Mall near the top beside donor rewards npc
         the gear here is a one time claim but can be transfered towards all your characters in the same account!

Try to see if you wanna get some nice FREEEEEEE items by doing the regular job quest, you'll be given items like 
Swordsman Card Box
1 hour package (exp manual)
Swordsman Package




Commands you might wanna use!
@die (trust me this saves some time)
@ii (item info) [use it like @ii Alice Card)
@id (the command works with the Item number, when you input it, it'll give you some links to click!) [@id 4253]
@mi (monster info, grants you more info regarding a certain mob) [@mi Alice]
@autoloot 1~100
@aloottype (from armors to weapons, to healing items)
@alootid (Specific Items you wish to loot)
@playerstate Elemental All
@playerstate racial all
@playerstate general

Chat Commands
#main (English Only, this way you can avoid getting muted) [Muted is with the red speech bubble, which doesnt allow you do talk, nor use skills]
#pr (Party Recruit)
#lounge (other languages are fine here, i think?)



Leveling Areas (suggested by oO Little Oo)

1~50 Moscovia
50~99 Cursed Abbey lvl 2
Rebirth 99~1
1~50 Moscovia once again
50~99~110 Cursed Abbey lvl 2
110 ~ 255 Catatombs 




when you get to max level, the suggested quest line to follow is

onwward to the new world quest
A glast from the past quest
Pouring Questline
Notoriety quests



when it comes to gearing up it really depends on your character class, but the suggested around after asking majority of players would be to have a crit type based class

Drooping Amistr

then the gear you should aim for would be the alligator set
click the link on how to make these


you can however purchase these from other players!




when it comes to farming for zenny

Farm in the MVP room~epsilon (raw item/equipment sell)
the loots there should help you a lot when it comes to farming zenny!
@aloottype +card
@aloottype +usable
@alootid +1552
@alootid +2507
@alootid +607
@alootid +13303

Farm in MVP room~alpha
Mistress will be your target, as they drop Old Card Albums
@alootid +616

from here on out you'll be set for getting ready to farm up in HoA for newer equipment, such as items like
RGR (Reset Girls Robe, ID: 41207)
SVS (Sir Vincent Saber, ID: 41201) 

check out how to farm in Geffen Guild Dungeon with a HP, both Zenny and Guild points!

and many more items to help you pursuing the other quests from moonhaven, invek, RDC and even Cedi!




dont forget to ask around for help, an amazing community, and feel free to join the discord server as well!

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