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Guest Destiny800

Approximate date you were banned: Not even sure
Reason for being banned: I do not know hoenst to god.

Why should the team unban you?

To be honest i played rebirth from 2006 to 2013-2014. I use to play this game religiously and this account held alot of sentimental memories for me. I wanna come back and play it with some of my friends. As far as how i got banned? I can tell you now i have no idea because i had a buddy of mines play when i was gone doing irl things (having a family etc). But i can tell you now during the stint i did play i never caused any trouble or did anything bannable. I put in over hundreds of dollars into multiple accounts in this server and put time in. I hope that this is taken into consideration. If i get my account unbanned i will play this game like old times

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