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Guest Evil Priest

Apology and Unban Request

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Guest Evil Priest

Ingame Name: Evil Priest,Stoned Priest,Zamasu.

Approximate Date When Banned: Nearly 2 months.

Reason for being banned: Harassing a player

Why should the team unban me? :

I was banned for harassing a player which i dont have any clue of as i dont remember being extremely rude and harassing someone..but in these past few months ive realised that maybe the way i speak was not rude to me but it was to others and have figured where my mistake lies. Ive come to learn that maybe my frustration got the better of me and i apologise humbly to that player who i harassed..i had no intentions of hurting you whoever you are..forgive me if you can... ive missed out on the halloween event and would love to  get a chance to play it again as well as the new christmas events that might come..playing rebirthro is like therapy for me and have missed it..please give me a chance to get back to the server and play... i miss it.

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