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Guest Jace Beleren

Request for Account Unban

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Guest Jace Beleren


Ingame Name(s): xXxKleinxXx

ACCOUNTID: <redacted>
Approximate date you were banned: 2011 or 2012
Reason for being banned: RMT

Why should the team unban you?

I apologize that it was my fault for breaking the rule. I have learnt my lesson.

The rules state it for a reason and should be followed.

And i did not follow the rules.

The reason being is i wanted to cheat out of grinding.

Instead of donating that could helped the server.

I have learned my lesson and will assure you not to do it again since i have learnt my lesson in a hard way and will strive again to farm.

Thank you for your kind considerations.

Wish you guys for the best.

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