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This is my personal recruitment page for my guild, Fragmented Memories.

This is, in no other way, a WOE guild. This is just a guild for alts, mostly vendors and, well, alt characters :D.

There are three (3) versions of this guild, namely:-

Fragmented Memories - the first, and main guild. Currently the most populated.

Fragmented Memories V2 - the second main guild.

Fragmented Memories V3 - this guild is currently dedicated to characters used for farming stuff.

How to join:-

  • You have to be well, an alt character :D no main characters here, sorry.
  • At least level 1 :)

That's it! Feel free to send me a PM here or just post here to join the guild.

I am currently in the process of making another guild but until I fill up all the slots on the other guilds, I might put it on hold.

So what are you waiting for! Sign up now!





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