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Ivy Spriggan

Ivy's Shoppe

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- Ancient Gold Ornament [1]

- White Knight Cards = 20m

- Khalitzburg Knight Cards = 30m

- Will Of Warrior (bulk) = offer

- Blood Thirst (bulk) = offer

- Ghost Chill (bullk) = offer

- Porcelio Card = 50m

- +7 GXB = 100m

- Odin mask = 70m

- +7 Siege Suit (Evil druid), +7 Siege Manteau (Raydric), +7 Siege Boots (verit) = 30m ea



- Oni Horn [1]

- +0/4Temp agi boots (aspd enchant)

Accept Trades and Credits catch me in game Ivy Spriggan/Kiss My Arrow/REGALIA

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