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Lets Keep Thor Alive Shop

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S> +9 Giant CrossBow (Int+1/Luk+1) 300m 

+9 Krishna (Sharp 2 / Fighting Spirit 6) 90m

+9 Lich bone Wand 75m 

+9 Orc Knight Plate 700m

+7 Orc Champion Helm 500m

+7 Heroic BackPack (Cash Shop) 350m

+7 Black Ribbon (Touhou Hat) 350m

+7 Little Feather Hat (Event point npc)

+7 Evil Marching Hat  600m

+7 Int Temporal Boots (Spell5, Runaway Magic) 90m

Orleans Necklace 700m

Pendant of Maelstrom 250m

WakWak Card 15m

Orc Ascendant Cards 10m

White Knight cards 6m

Khalitzburg Knight Cards 8m

Costumes: Valk Helm / Magestic Goat / Assassin Mask / Chakra / Omg / Balloon Bear 

Event Point Coins 15m ea 


All stuff open for trade (for creds/other items)




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Thank you for the deal, unfortunately none of them reached +9 hahaha.. i should have use purified elu already for +8

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