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On 5/22/2017 at 0:25 PM, blueMagus said:

Out of topic:

This is not a movie. But anyone knows where I can watch online for free Attack on Titan Season 2? Any link? I can't find a good site. Thanks.

http://kissanime.ru is my goto for everything anime. It usually crashes every now and then coz no one likes people posting their shit for free, but it always comes back after a few days.


No offense to anyone who liked the movie, but it was kinda crappy for me. Too much talking. Their comedic lines were too stale after they released so many of their trailers with the same lines over and over. And whenever Diana walks and talks, I can't help but think she's a bit stupid. Loved how she fought, but I cringe whenever she isn't doing anything that involves bashing up bad guys. Didn't like how she was all for the love in the end when I've never even heard anything about love until then. Like seriously? They couldn't have mixed in some other human qualities for Diana to preach about except that one thing? How about will to live? Determination? HOPE??? They're featuring a movie all about war and you make their warrior preach love for it? Of a barely explored, very brief to be noticed, love story? Jesus Christ.

Spoiler: Liked the way that dude offed himself in the end though. I'm all for martyrdom. Specially epic ass martyrdom that makes the protag cry. I'm just that much of a sadist I guess.

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I was not much of a fan of Wonder Woman either. The fucking love story pissed me off. CAN WE DO WITHOUT IT, FOR ONCE?

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