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fatcatlaplz.gif ^_^ ~ WE ARE FAMILY~ happy.giffatcatlaplz.gif


Server is almost dead, so the tigers going to rest a bit too ~ Rawr

Thanks to all the more and less loyal people. It was really fun to play with you all!

Owning will always be a big gay family ~




Salam and peace be upon all rebirthro people.. As we all grow OLD.. Uhuk3x.. We might need some new bloods.. xD

So, if u feel into getting a family. Help each other out when needed. Have fun in woe.. Come and join us.. :x - Din

Old forums thread: http://forums.rebirthro.com/topic/69266-owning-ex/





Our Requirements 

  • WOE-ACTIVE (show up to at least 2-3 woes)
  • preferable lv255 (200+ also ok if level up fast, we can also help on that)
  • preferable with donated gears (well ... donor woe lol)
  • loyal would be nice (means no guild hopping) and fun to be with
  • NO DRAMA or DRAMAQUEENS (put your salt somewhere else, we would just laugh at you :q)
  • QUALITY over QUANTITY, we might not be many, but tigers can still bite :P
  • be smexy
  • and of course gay

We also got a pretty Supply girl which has some stuff for you, not much but enough for you to kick some ass.. tongue.gif

How to join? 

Ask in #gr chat for Owning members, leave a comment here in the thread.

Or try to pm/mail the Co-Leaders listed down there. Or just visit us in Morroc. :D



Where to find us?

We got a Guild town (@go 22, Guildtown NPC), our town is Izlude.

Mostly the hang out is in Morroc (@go 1, 168/64), a bit south of the spawn.



The Leaders


L e k i r / R i k e l (Arid, Founder)


g c q (Mel) ~ Connor (Connor/ Merlin) ~ KimDefender (Kim) ~ Phingaan (Mau)

 ~ In Memory of our n1gga Connor. He is free now. ~


Guild Cuties

Cappuccino ~ Von Sky ~ popknight ~ Sheimi ~ Rayne ~ chimao

Guild Ranker (Alchemist)

Rank 6: Frey Azarel (Von Sky)




Social Stuff & Guild activities

  • CEDI CEDI CEDIIIIII :D (get wasted with hours of endless runs lel)
  • Facebook group page (invite on ask)
  • rebirthRO guild Thread (that thingy here)
  • rebirthRO art Thread
  • Raidcall group Discord!
  • whatsapp group
  • facebook group chat
  • youtube channel :D for our smexy woe videos 


  • RDC
  • Sealed Shrine, Endless Tower, Kraken, Golden Hole etc.
  • Free Licks on join from Connor and Von Sky


~ woe videos recorded by Von Sky, Invader, I Ac3 I, KimDefender, Connor & A i u m i ~



Rawr and stay smexy ~ :x


Edited by g c q (see edit history)
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Just now, Loki Rehyu said:

OMG now no one is at satan level anymore RIP old rep qq and Hai guys!!

RIP my 1k. hahaha


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Dis looks awsome! I haven't played since December 2015 to be honest. I'd love to join! Sad thing is I still need to level up my character, but that shouldn't be problem right! SO anyways, I shall make my applications right away :}

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15 hours ago, Sheimi said:

You could have at least taken the time to edit some things in the post before copy-pasting it. :l

I did. O.o

What should I edit?

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