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Webstorage and Consummate Bio Samples

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So you disconnected from the server and your party finished the mvp off before you logged in.. never fear here is a guide for a work around until its fixed!

Starting Spot for all Browsers:


Its grayed out what in the world am I supposed to do???


Fire Fox Browser:

Step 1: Look for your Developer Tools. Then click Inspector.

Fire Fox Step1.jpg

Step 2: You'll end up with a popup looking like this:

Fire Fox Step 2.jpg

In the search bar as I've pointed out Type Consummate Bio Sample or just Consummate would work. Then locate "nonsellable_item ui-state-disabled".

Step 3: Double click it then remove the ui-state-disabled then hit enter.

Fire Fox Step 3.jpg

Step 4: Locate data-restrictions="3" and change the 3 to a 0, then hit enter.

Fire Fox Step 4.jpg

Finish: Drag the Consummate Bio Sample to the inventory of w/e character you wish and done!

Fire Fox Finish.jpg


Chrome Browser:

Its pretty much the same as the Fire Fox but your Developer tools look a lot different.

Chrome step 1.png

Step 2: You'll notice there is no search bar, you have to manually look for this:

Chrome Step2.jpg

Click on the arrow > to dinv_wstore it will then open this:

Chrome Step 3.jpg

Click on the arrow > to inv_wstorage. It will then show this after scrolling to get to your Consummate Bio Sample:

Chrome Step 4.jpg

As with Fire fox double click "nonsellable_item ui-state-disabled" and remove the ui-state-disabled portion, hit enter. Then Double click on data-restrictions="3" and change the 3 to a 0 hit enter.

Then drag your Consummate Bio Sample to your character's inventory!


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Meanwhile I am here, remembering the lovely times when people didn't even understand the instructions "go in" ...

And now I see this lovely instructions. Oh boi.



*flies back into the void*

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