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S> Costumes n Stuff

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S> The Transgenderer (unlimited gender change), Acid Bottles (13k pcs), Glistening Coats (10k pcs), Gold (500+pcs) Tao Gunka, SRT10 (2pcs)

      +10 Goblin Bow, SPGain5, Random2, LEvade5, SEvade5

      Permanent Costumes: Mad Hatter (Upper), Costume: Black Butterfly Hairbow (Mid), Costume: Black Death Aura (Lower)

                     Costume: Poring Card (Lower), Costume: Little Angel Wings (Mid), Skoll Ears (Mid)

      30 Days Costumes: Falling Bishop Ghost Box (Upper/Mid/Lower), Costume: Panty Hat Box (Upper),

                    Costume: Smiling Man Box (Upper), Costume: Rose Ring Box (Mid), Costume: Trident Box (Mid),

                    Costume: Mini Love Clips Box (Mid) Costume: Emperor Wings Box (Mid),

                    Costume: Green Fairy Wings Box (Mid), Costume: Black Death Aura Box (Lower)

    pm offers here. i can only play during weekends but i can set a schedule on weekdays if you're buying ^

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