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      How To: Logging into the forum.   08/19/2016

      Having issues figuring out how to login? It's actually very simple and only takes a few minutes! Just follow these steps: Go to your Account CP on rebirthro.com Find the character whose name you want to use as a display name on the forum Click on "Actions" Click on "Set as forum display name" You can now login on the forum with either your email address or display (character) name, and your in-game password! That's all there is to it! See, simple! If you are having issues getting into the forums you can contact us on support.rebirthro.com -- you also login there with your in game username/password. If you can't register for some reason or are unable to login, email us at this address for assistance (use an email associated with the account you are having issues with if you can -- obviously if you can't register this doesn't apply).
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Maintenance Notes

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  • [New] Headgear Quest- Hyrulian Hood CLICK HERE FOR QUEST INFO!
  • [Fixed] Warrior's Spirit no longer stacks with moonlight flower card. [never should have in the first place]
  • Angelic NPC readded to Loki in prontera.
  • Bakonawa Instance cooldown is added to @timers
  • [Fixed] Winged Headphones now properly reduces damage from players.
  • [Feature Request]- Bible of Promise (2nd Vol) now works with magical attacks.
  • [Feature Request]- You can now pm Server with the following things to find out your level in each:
    • fishing
    • crafting
      • This will show you Tailoring/Handicrafting/Metalworking levels



  • [New] Loyal Player NPC
  • [Adjusted] Various Card drops adjusted to meet the 20x drop rate [why were some at 0.04? we'll never know]
    • Mini Boss cards are at 0.10% [most of them anyway]
  • [New] Recolour NPC has appeared in Prontera!
  • [Fixed] Nightmare Monsters such as Nightmare Verit drop their appropriate cards.
  • [Fixed] Bakonawa Tattoo now works as it was meant to 7% to all races and ASPD +10% instead of a flat aspd
  • [Fixed] Celine Kimi now doesn't have loki slaves.. [just why....]



  • Monster of the Day Heroic Shop no longer just eats your points
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