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Maintenance Notes

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  • Severe Bug with donor boxes has been fixed. Abusers have been punished in varying degrees based on severity of their abuse and will find out upon attempting to login after this maintenance. All points and items have been deleted from the abusers' accounts.
  • Battlegrounds Update: Party sign up has been disabled. The old KvM map has been added in the team death match to cycle with the other team death match maps. Triple Inferno has been removed from the available battlegrounds options.
  • Armours that give freeze immunity no longer give immunity to stone curse.
  • Frilled Flower Collar now works as intended.


  • New Hat Quest: "So you like music....."
    • Starts in Moscovia at the stage. A wanderer named Serena will be looking for an instrument to play and you need to help her in order to get the item~
      • Required Materials:
        • Need to have this in inventory for her to talk to you: beserk guitar or a harp [1]
          • [1] Headset
            [10] Cobaltblue Dyestuffs
            [10] Emerald
            [10] Ruby
            [50] Holy Threads
            [5] 1 Million Zeny Coins
            [100] Steel


  • Fishing skill added.

Sorry there isn't more for you guys but I'm working on a fun quest for you c;

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