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Your recommended or favorite anime!

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I've been looking to start some anime binging for when my internet is back on!


You can suggest your favorite anime for me, and tell me why you like it + what it is about roughly. (Try to summarize it in 1-3 sentences xD)


I have a crunchy roll account and my favorites are

shokugeki no soma: Cook off school where it's battle royal style stuff. Soma is the main character, and he along with many other make such delicious food that there is a LOT of ridiculous and hilarious fanservice alongside gorgeously animated food that looks so good I want to eat it on my screen ;-;

black clover: It's about a kid, Asta, who lives in a world where magic is very important, and not having it is pretty much unheard of. In this world, there is a magic king who is basically the biggest and baddest hero that anyone striving to be anything wants to become, but you must have very powerful magic to do that. Asta of course wants to become this, but he has no magic, so he has to fight much harder for what he wants.

boruto: This one should be obvious! It's about the next generation of naruto; their kids dealing with new turmoil that pops up around a new and modernized world. It's so weird because they have laptops and tablets and stuff xD

dragon ball super: Goku manages yet again to get his team into trouble. What is basically the god of EVERYTHING calls for a huge tournament where every galaxy (or was it universe?) has to bring forth their biggest and baddest warriors to duke it out, and the winners get to keep their world while the losers all get destroyed.

My hero Academia: Heroes are every day life; the odds of being born with the genes for a hero are very good, so much of the population has these 'quirks' when they get old enough. The main character, Deku, has always dreamed of being a powerful and righteous hero that could save anyone, and has always looked up to the top hero Almight for doing just that. But the problem is, he doesn't have any hero powers, so how will he ever become that powerful?

Kinos journey: This one is so laid back, I love it. You get to watch Kino as he journeys through a vast world learning about different cultures and different people and their nations. Some of these nations are on a massive boat floating through the ocean, or on huge walking ships full of hundreds of thousands of people!

recovery of an mmo junkie: Mori-Mori loves gaming so much that she retires from her work just so she can get back into gaming. She picks a male character to an mmo and quickly gets settled with a group of other players. You get to watch her as she plays the game, interacts with the other players, and deals with slowly getting back into being social irl as well!

and a few others.


My past favorites are

hunter x hunter: basically about two really strong kids who bond like brothers as they compete with each other for the sake of getting stronger and having fun, and also inadvertently end up saving the world or benefiting the world in a huge way. They both take the hunter's exam to become hunters - a person who has the power to change how things go around them, and oversee or even be in charge of massive events that could become historical - and then from there, they meet a lot of very interesting characters, and the character arcs are all very well written and fascinating! They fight a lot of interesting battles and it's so easy to fall in love with all the characters, the art, and the storyline.

gungrave: Aside from the awesome art style, the story is really great! You follow the main character and unravel his story bit by bit. At the start, he's a killer who is uncovered and revived by a team of people that are trying to survive some messed up shit, and he's the only one potentially strong enough to do it. As the story continues, you find out exactly how he came to be what is known as the 'gungrave', and the tale is very tragic and full of a lot of heavy shit.

jojo's bizarre adventures: I don't even know how to describe this. It's just in general really great, if you havent seen it yet I suggest you do and just experience it for yourself lmao.

berserk: An all time classic, it is the story of Guts! I loved the original manga, the older anime, as well as the newest adaptations and movies. Blood, guts, nudity, badass fight scenes, betrayal and murder and plotting, horrible monsters, politics and the church, and of course your main man Guts! <3

pokemon (lol yes, for real), and others like these ^^ 

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17 hours ago, blueMagus said:

Why you don't like Fairy Tail :(

and One Piece...

and Bleach...

and Attack on Titan...

My friend recommended Black Cover too, Imma try that one too.

Actually I do like fairy tail. It's just not on my top list haha. It's one of the ones I sometimes will watch 15 episodes on a binge, then stop watching for a few months xD

Also I LOVED the bleach and one piece manga. I watched a LOT of bleach up until it started to deviate from the manga and then I couldn't watch more x.x But O own about 30 of the bleach manga books haha. I was also reading one piece as it came out in shounen jump when I was a young teen.


And yea, I loved attack on titan! But for some reason it doesn't fall under my most favorites, even though it's very very good xD


If you do watch black clover, let me know what you think! <3

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I really like The Ancient Magus' Bride, and Natsume Yuujincho.

Shokugeki no Souma is a favorite for everyone right now I'm sure...


Skip Beat was a surprisingly hilarious romance, the manga is still running but I think the second season of the anime is still far off :(

I only liked Fairy Tale and Bleach for a short while, it becaome too long and full of fillers. It breaks a story more than it makes one,  if they try to drag out too long




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Attack on Titan, Ouran High School Host Club, Tokidoki, Your Lie in April, Kobayashi-san's Maid Dragon, Tanaka Kun Is Always Listless, Honey and Clover!


Movies: Ghibli movies and Kimi No Nawa

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