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Christmas Event 2017 Guide

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Here is all you need to know for the 2017 christmas event:

  1. Need a party. (no min players)




Santa crashed his sleigh in xmas_fild while on the way back to his toy factory. The mobs in the area are rambunctious and decided to take the toys that got lost in the snow. Its your job to help Sarah gather up all the missing toys for the children scattered around Rune-Midgard.



  • Go to Lutie (@go 7) and go to the building to the right of spawn in. Once inside, look for Sarah. She will tell you what happened earlier and will ask for your help in finding and delivering the presents to children all around the kingdoms. You will have to fight off monsters in order to get the presents back for the children. But be warned if you leave the instance before you have gathered all the items you will have to speak to Sarah again to restart it, but you will leave off on the amount of items you had.
  • Go to the specified area and look for the person to give the present to.
  • Once you find them, give the present and as a reward, it will give you a 2017 Christmas Box. This ends the event for the day.


  • You can only do the event ONCE a day.
  • Event is account bound. No other character from your account may play when one of them already finished it.
  • There are 7 children that you can randomly get chosen to give the prepared gift to. So pay attention to the town it says to find the child in!

^ Taken from http://wiki.rebirthro.com/wiki/2017_Christmas_Event


Now for the Children locations according to your gifts:

EYsjtxI.jpg 5R0wHj7.jpg d6aNPa2.jpg zQq7YK1.jpg t3go6gq.jpg

o91jouP.jpg  03I23Xa.jpg



Christmas Event Mob Drops:

Tendrillion - White Cat Ears (mini boss, sort of)

Santa Poring - Baphomet Toy, Box of Trading Cards

Christmas Goblin - Black Cat Toy, Music Disc

Smokey Sock - Gift Ribbon, BB Gun

Smokey Gift - Wrapping Paper, Slingshot

Snow bunny - Gift Box, Guitar

Christmas  Orc - Eddga Toy

Christmas Jakk - Little Ghost Toy

^ Credits to Rozenskye for the mob drop list. ;)

NOTE: Once you see sasquatch and marin mobs in your map, you have already completed acquiring all the quest items and was warped (forced) out from the event field. Proceed to talk to sarah and get the gift box to deliver to the children.


  • As a completion reward, you will get a "Christmas Gift (2017)" box. Below is a list of possible items you are able to obtain randomly (list contributed by players on main chat).


  1. Santa Mask [2]
  2. Christmas Cake Hat [2]
  3. Christmas Cake Ring [1]
  4. Angeling Beanie[2]
  5. Rudolph Rucksack[1]
  6. Artist Hat [2]
  7. Nyd Hair [2]
  8. Rainbow Confetti [1]
  9. Winter Scarf (2017)
  10. White Scarf (alternate colors: Red,Pink,Cyan)
  11. Random mob cards (Muka, piggy, zombie, megalodon) <-Probably works like OCA

Merry Christmas everyone !

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I just opened a box while having 100/100 items (didn't noticed). The box said "you can't have the item because you will exceed the weight limit". Now the box just disappeared while I didn't get any item (which is strange, since after opening the box I was at 99/100 so it should be possible to recieve the item).

Could a GM look into this issue? I already opened a ticket on Thor (Character: Xhaka).

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Does Tendrillion re-spawn after some time has passed, or do you only get to fight two per day, per account?

Is the very adorable White Cat Ears costume Tradeable?

EDITED TO ADD: The very adorable White Cat Ears costume IS Tradeable ! =^+^=


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8 hours ago, Pepper Penelope said:

Jakk: Little Ghost Toy

Smokey Sock : BB Gun, Gift Ribbons

Smokie Gift: Wrapping Paper

Snow Bunny: Gift Box

Tendrillion: White Cat Ears

Added christmas jakk's drop. Thank you.

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Santa Poring: Box of Trading Cards

Smokey Sock : Gift Ribbons

Smokie Gift: Wrapping Paper, Slingshot

Snow Bunny: Gift Box

Tendrillion: White Cat Ears

If you have ammo, or gears, or a card, that Stuns when you attack, it makes fighting the Santa Poring a lot easier. ;)

For all of you copy / paste junkies:
CTRL + C     /     CTRL + V

/navi rachel 117/192

/navi lutie 132/232

/navi mora 148/61

/navi geffen 144/132

/navi amatsu 196/203

/navi louyang 88/124

/navi ayothaya 69/134

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My Xmas event mob drops are updated every day around 00:30:00 server time under Pinned Messages in #event of RRO Discord. So please do check and update your list too. Thanks and have a good day y'allz! o/

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