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Christmas Event 2017 ideas

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I will post all items i have with ideas for Eir, the def of loki versions seems ok to me. The effects are like the Loki ones but with a little less of power.

This are the first ideas...


Nyd Hair [2]
+20% damage against Wind, Earth and Fire property monsters.

+10% damage when using Wind, Earth and Fire property attacks.

Regenerate 2.000 HP each time a monster is killed with physical attacks.



Angeling Beanie [2]

Increases resistance to all races by 5%

Max HP +4%

Max SP +4%

Combo: + Red Scarf

All stats +5

Max HP +2%



Red Scarf [0]

Max HP +4%

Max SP +4%



Christmas Cake Ring [1]

Add a chance of cast Stone Curse on enemy when attacking.

Combo: + Christmas Cake Hat

Add a chance of cast level 3 Decrease Agility on enemy when attacking.

Add a change of gaining "Piece of Cake" each time a monster is killed.

Hit +10



Artist Hat [2]

MATK + 5

Heal bonus equals to refine rate.

Combo: + White Scarf & Rainbow Confetti

MATK +15

Recover 30 SP when a monster is killed with a magic skill.



White Scarf[0]

Max HP +4%

Max SP +4%

Combo: + Artist Hat & Rainbow Confetti

INT +2, DEX +2



Rainbow Confetti[1]

Increases movement speed by %5 (Stacks with other movement speed items.)

Combo: + Artist Hat & White Scarf

DEF +4

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Second part :3

Pink Scarf [0]

Increases damage to all races by 4%. (Magic Included)



Rudolf Rucksack [0]

Grants overcharge level 4.
Increases resistance to Blind, Sleep, Poison, Silence, Stun, Confusion, Stone Curse, Bleeding and Freeze by 5%



Santa Mask [2]

STR+2, AGI+2

Increases damage to all sizes by 5%

Combo: +Winter Scarf

if refine is +5 or more:

Add a change of gaining "Eggnog" each time a monster is killed. :D

if refine is +7 or more:

Aditional 5% damage to all sizes


Winter Scarf [0]

DEF +4

Combo: + Santa Mask
Reduces damage of all magical attacks by 5%


Cyan Scarf [0]

Max HP +3%
Max SP +3%

Add a chance of gaining a random "Fishing Bait" each time a monster is killed.



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