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Maintenance Notes

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Ello Players!

So as you know we had an extremely long maintenance the other day, we were upgrading our OS as well as all the applications associated with the server, which is why it took so long for the servers to come back online.

All Servers:

  • New Donations Added to the Cash Shop.
  • BG has been adjusted to have a lower required player count to 3v3 on Loki, 2v2 on Thor/Eir.
  • BG's Anti-AFK measures have been adjusted, so no more immediate punishment.
  • Rodex has been enabled for use again. Enjoy!



  • Nature's Buff aka Nature's Blessing has been changed to improve balance in WoE.
    • New formula is as follows:  (20,000+4000*Skill Level of Summon Marine Sphere) + [Master HP/20]
      • [Master HP/20] Caps out at 40k additive.
      • This means you need 800k hp to hit the cap value that it takes into consideration for the formula.
  • Fix for Loyal Player Reward npc to take into account the Null creation dates. Means if you don't have a creation date you will finally get your Loyal Player Rewards, yay!
  • Rata, Dark Ping, Duneyrr monsters no longer have 2 chances to get cards
  • Event Items received effects.


  • Event items became tradeable (except wing scarf costume) and have received effects.



Donations in Cash Shop:

Magic Set:

Honeycam 2017-12-14 18-28-16.gifSet 1 Effects.jpg


Ranged Set:

Honeycam 2017-12-14 18-32-13.gifSet 2 Effects.jpg


Melee Set:

Honeycam 2017-12-14 18-36-43.gifSet  3 Effects.jpg

Honeycam 2017-12-14 18-37-11.gifHoneycam 2017-12-14 19-31-15.gif

Set 3b Effects.jpg



Soon to be Optional Set: [Will work soon as the server restarts]


Starry Night Beret, Galaxy Wings & Yummy Popsicle: While wearing the appropriate matching colours you will receive the following bonus: Increase damage to all races by 15%. Immunity to Silence.


Loot Boxes:

Special boxes have been added on the site that contain exclusive Loot Box only Headgears that work in place of some of the items in these combinations.

CLICK HERE to check out all the Loot Boxes we offer

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