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  • Int3  10m
  • Str3  5m
  • Normal2 40m
  • Delay3 30m
  • Random2 30m
  • WSkill2 25m
  • Pushback 30m
  • Normal5  OFFER
  • DMotion5  1c
  • SPGain5  2c
  • PerfectHit10  1c
  • HPDrain5 2c


  • (Perma) Destruction Wings  8c
  • (Perma) Black Milestone  5c  
  • (Perma) Drooping Gorilla  11c
  • (Perma) Frozen Wings (2014)  15c
  • (Perma) Bandage Ribbons  1c/50m
  • (Perma) Bat Ribbon 1c/50m
  • (Perma) Flying Cat 1c/50m
  • (Perma) Pumpkin Ring  40m
  • (Perma) Orbs of Ra  1c/50m
  • (Perma) Hecate's Demon Aura 1c/50m
  • (Rental) Radiant Glow (Red)  1c/50m
  • (Rental) Shipwrecked Spirits  1c
  • (Rental) Snow Flakes  1c
  • (Rental) Sword of the Dark Sea  1c
  • (Rental) Black Milestone  20m


  • Gold  150k
  • Large Blue Wings  5m
  • Large Red Wings  10m
  • Caliginous Cloak  6m
  • Pragmatist's Mail  1m
  • Recondite Ring  10m
  • Resplendent Ring  5m
  • Great Old Boots  5m
  • Tidal Shoes  OFFER ME
  • Wool Scarf  OFFER ME
  • PWC 300c
  • LOYAL Munak Egg 1c/50m


  • Event Point Coin / EPC  35m


PM Me: oO Nutella Oo / The Perfect One 

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