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Coup d'Rebirth: The Great Basectomy

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Hello. I have some news to share that I'm not quite sure how to explain. This is gonna be pretty long but I'll try to add a tl;dr at the bottom. We covered this in Discord earlier but not everyone was in Discord at the time. If you have no idea who Syphon is you can just skip this entirely as it doesn't really concern you. All you need to know is to start using rebirth.ro instead of rebirthro.com.

So, let's begin. The staff (Phoenix, Peach, Silver, Mystery) and I have staged a coup d'etat. That is to say, we've expelled Syphon from the server. I want to explain the reasoning behind our actions in terms that most of you can understand and hope you agree with our reasoning. To really cover this well we do have to take a step back in time and talk a bit about the RebirthRO early days.

Back in 2006-2009 when I was around initially the server was in it's prime. It was loaded with cash, it was making more in a month than most people make in a year. Syphon was living the high life. He was flying him and his friends around on vacations, heading to Las Vegas to gamble (and bringing his friends and funding their gambling), etc. He paid the staff minimally but did otherwise spend a good deal on the server which is why none of us really complained much then. He burned most of the money on gambling and drugs. Using donation logs (and keeping in mind the server is 15 years old) I estimate the server made somewhere around 3 million Euros in the time since it first opened, most (3/4) of which was obtained in 2006-2009.

Fast forward to 2012 when Lilalyn left. Due to poor management from her and Ramsey and an overall disregard for donors (i.e. banning donations in new instances instead of just scaling the instances to whether or not people had donates, etc) that forced many donors to quit or stop donating. This left RRO is a serious cash deficit. That's when I returned to attempt to rectify the issue, which within 6 months I considered that a success. It was making more than double what it was before I returned and the population and income were both on the rise. About a year after that Syphon decided that paying a lot for hosting was unnecessary and switched hosts to our current provider. This new provider, as I'm sure most of you are painfully aware, lags. A lot. So much so that we instantly lost over 200 average online players upon moving, dropping from around 800 to around 550-600. Also, people began constantly complaining of lag. The staff at the time and I all encouraged him to move the servers back but he refused, stating that income didn't allow for it.

So, how much did he save? Not much, at the time the amount he saved accounted for around 6% of the servers income. The resulting loss of players and constant lag made income decline by 20%. He lost money, he saved nothing. Why didn't he move back? He claimed he couldn't afford it. Later he revealed he had not paid them in months and was behind over $5,000 in past due bills.

We, that is every GM that joined, every admin, all told him we needed to switch back to make things better. He ignored us. Every time. Combine that with him getting the server shut off at the current host (which only costs around $120/month) because he didn't pay the bill, the fact he made me pay all the bills and was threatening to cut our budget even further because income wasn't going up, I had had enough.

I talked to Phoenix about everything that had happened, then we brought in Silver and Mystery and we all talked about it (Peach already knew the truth). I told them the situation and that we were thinking of a coup. I told them the decision had to be unanimous. If it wasn't then we would not do it and that no one would be retaliated against for voting against it. As you probably have figured out, they all voted for it.

Now, I could go into more detail and talk about how he didn't pay other things, how he lied, how he wanted to delete points off inactive players and then if they came back he expected me to cover it up by saying they must misremember how many they had in the hopes they'd donate again. How he didn't save any money and doesn't own a single thing, how he never paid Prolexic, etc. There's so much crap that we've been dealing with that I could write a book on it. All you really need to know is that the server is much better off in our hands. The staff wouldn't be behind this if it wasn't the best thing for the server, they are all players, too.

If you are playing right now you've been playing on the new server for about 2 weeks. No action is required on your part. Syphon has said he plans to reboot the old server, however, it's very out of date, his backup is months old. We don't expect anyone to go to that server, but I do expect it to show up on the old domain so you need to change your bookmarks to rebirth.ro. He will also probably email you, he may even try to make it look like it's from us. He might tell you a sob story about how he and/or his daughter going to starve, be homeless, etc. Please see this:


All people with Dutch residency who have no income nor property are entitled to social welfare payment (In Dutch ‘bijstandsuitkering’ or WWB). The basic payment (single, no kids, no income, no property) is € 679,75 per month.


You get more if you have kids. The Dutch have an excellent social security program. He won't be driving his €70,000 car or living in his €1,200,000 house anymore, but he won't be homeless or starving either.

As for what our immediate plans are, we encourage you to donate as we want to move to back to our old host. We need money to buy the hardware as they do not rent hardware so there is a high initial start-up cost but then only a modest fee.  Syphon was 80% of the servers expenses. With him gone it won't take long to get the money to move, so don't feel obligated to donate. Once the new host is paid for we also can channel a lot more money into improving the server. We plan to convert our main part-time dev into a full-time dev and are trying to convince our artist (sprites) to come on full time as well. Donor Boxes are being released as planned and we have a new instance coming up soon, maybe next week or possibly even this week.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to ask in #main if you see me or in Discord. The Discord server has not changed.


tl;dr Syphon was hogging all the money for himself and refusing to spend it on things like better hosting. He's the reason everyone is constantly lagging and dc'ing. Phoenix, Peach, Mystery, Silver and I all decided together to kick him out. We are now moving back to the good host and soon the lag will be gone. Ignore any emails you may get from Syphon as he's (of course) very upset and wants to try to get players back but he has no recent backups, no GM's, no anything.

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