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Krischevskov´s Workshop

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Hello! My name is Krischevskov and im here to draw some stuff!

Art statusOpen  / Closed




These are my rules and conditions:

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.png  I can't do Homunculus very good,  but i can try (I will send WIPS through discord , so you can tell me if you like it or not)

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.png I can draw Non- Ragnarok stuff, ask away!

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.png I can't draw Furry to save my life, so if you ask for furry prepare for a weird outcome.

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.png The payment is divided by two stages:   50% at the start, 50% when is finished -- There are no refunds!

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.png I can draw heavy equipment , but i charge extra for that, so please keep in mind that i will take a bit longer doing that!

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.png I can do nsfw , but i cant draw guro or loli/shotacon sorry !



Samples and Pricing



pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.pngFlat color chibis can be full body, ask away! and we're going to deal a price

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.pngDetailed chibis are just heads! no bodies please ;;                                            



pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.pngLoki Server - Usually conected on weekends                                                                                                           

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.pngWispeable name: Krischevskov                                                                                                                                   

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.pngIf is NSFW or personal stuff, you can PM via forum!                                                                                                 

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.pngI'll give you a discord server and there i'll be giving you the WIPS, and you can correct mistakes with me      

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.pngI will work only on your commish until i finish it, the time can vary between 1 day and a week, so be patient!

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.pngYou can find me @ Deviantart ( http://bit.ly/2l6RBLZ ) I'll be posting my finished works over there.                 

pinter.png.68b1829162183742375674124fa0ab08.pngIf you're looking to pay with paypal, please do contact me via Deviantart or PM                                                  



Working on:

  • Slot 1
  • Slot 2
  • Slot 3
  • Slot 4
  • Slot 5


  • Anonymous - DOTA commish - Flat chibi 5C   PAID! - 100% Done
  • Flirt  - Couple Commish - Chibi full body couple  12C - PAID! 100% Done
  • Flirt  -  Flat color chibi  -  Single full body chibi  with some  simple bg  6C - PAID! 100% Done


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First of all I love your artstyle. 

Your drawings are really cute and unique but also really clean and nice.

I believe you can easily charge 5 credits for a fullbody character in your chibi style.  (maybe 2 extra for each extra character or 1 credit for a falcon or peco or simple monster)

I also recommend you draw a price page.

With your level I'm sure your chibis will sell like hot cakes.

Take care and good luck!

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4 minutes ago, Krischevskov said:

Added my second commish!

Thanks @Flirt! for the support! 




that hand tho. hahahaha...thankies also nicole ~ <3

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Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here! So far as I've seen everyone here is really nice and inviting.


Just so you know, though, this forum is not for art shops. There is a sub forum in the art forum where you can place your shop, but it does not unlock until you've accumulated 10 total posts. Once you have 10 posts, you can post your art shop there. I hope this info helps you out ^^

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