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Anama-chan's art shop!

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25674021_1762973637338740_793005476_n.png.185a36574dc33329773ac82b85ec0986.png COMMISSIONS OPEN!

Hello! I hope you enjoy my work!

 I am a humble artist that lives from her drawings but I also have a RO obsession so I set up shop over here as well.

  I can draw anything asked without restriction, and will make an effort to learn if It's something I haven't tried.

Warning: I live from my drawings so I try to make them as cheap as possible, thanks to this I may be swamped with commissions, that said I'll take any commission but I won't receive payment until it's your turn. I apologize if it makes you wait a bit  but trust me I'll get to your turn as quickly as possible

25674021_1762973637338740_793005476_n.png.185a36574dc33329773ac82b85ec0986.pngHere are my prices



25674021_1762973637338740_793005476_n.png.185a36574dc33329773ac82b85ec0986.png Time on drawings and price may vary slightly depending on difficulty  (Example a complicated beast or armor might take a bit longer or cost an extra credit)
Extra characters that cost less are because they are entwined in the same drawing and will probably interact with the other in a way that they might overlap (like in a hug or a fight),
since this may obscure details for the other one they cost less. If you want both caracters to be seen completely then I recommend ordering a complex drawing or separate requests.






25674021_1762973637338740_793005476_n.png.185a36574dc33329773ac82b85ec0986.pngHere's how fullbody colored are presented.


25674021_1762973637338740_793005476_n.png.185a36574dc33329773ac82b85ec0986.pngHere's an example of complex custom drawing. This one went for 30 C


25674021_1762973637338740_793005476_n.png.185a36574dc33329773ac82b85ec0986.pngExample of a Character sheet.


25674021_1762973637338740_793005476_n.png.185a36574dc33329773ac82b85ec0986.png Will also receive as payment:
(these will cost as much as the credits they can be bought with in game) 

-Ifrit Card.
-Lord Knight Card.
-Evil Snake Lord Card.

25674021_1762973637338740_793005476_n.png.185a36574dc33329773ac82b85ec0986.png Once more. I have no don'ts on my conditions all I ask is patience from your part. This means NSFW/guro/furry/beasts/monsters/ponies/loli/yuri/yaoi/poring gangbang
trust me, no conditions 
try me n_n



-1st: Jackie - 3 full body drawings




25674021_1762973637338740_793005476_n.png.185a36574dc33329773ac82b85ec0986.pngWhisper name: Anama - (or you can contact my wife  x Lore x)

25674021_1762973637338740_793005476_n.png.185a36574dc33329773ac82b85ec0986.pngYou can private message me on the forum to fill your slots or you can search for me on my fb page

25674021_1762973637338740_793005476_n.png.185a36574dc33329773ac82b85ec0986.pngOnce I begin your drawing we can either chat on fb or create a discord server to show you sketches and progress until you are satisfied with your work

25674021_1762973637338740_793005476_n.png.185a36574dc33329773ac82b85ec0986.pngMy facebook page https://www.facebook.com/anama1chan/  (like it and share it if you want)

Hope I'll be able to make drawings that can steal smiles from you n_n

Thank you so much for liking my artwork.



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Based on my experience, the following should be included in your art shop topic c:

1. Introduction : something about yourself that the others need to know, includes contact, ign and times you are online also art shop status (are you open/closed?)

2. Slots and waitlist : so people could track your progress and how long the line is

3. Samples : most important ; place everything that you offer and perhaps showcase your best works in a particular category (personally, in the previous forums, i offered chibi, half body, full body, and signatures)

4. Pricing : do not lowball yourself. if you think your art deserves the price you've put unto it, let it be!

5. Do's and dont's : you are the artist, you create your own rules. place the things that you are comfortable and confident in drawing and put those that you aren't.

6. Order Form : putting my sample I put in other RO art forums


IGN (in-game name):

Character reference/screenshot:

Eye color:


Any additionals?:



Lastly, enjoy drawing and good luck in your art shop!! You have a nice style, wishing you luck c:

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wow! thank you @iDietrich, Well I honestly have no don'ts, as long as I'm able to I'll give it a go and I am not squeamish regarding what I will or won't draw.  What I do realize is that there is a folder for art shops yet I can't post on it so that's why I didn't provide a skit/waitlist (or the other important details you also recommended)...

All those tips are great! thanks you for your time and for liking my work! 

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I'm interested! As for posting in the art shop I'm pretty sure you need 10 posts elsewhere before you can post/create topics there. I'll leave you a PM with my references for your art. c:

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10 hours ago, fritzie18 said:

art trade plzzzz ( coz im poor very very poor AF ;'p )

I'm currently not  doing art trade but may do so in the future (cuz I'm also poor AF so I can't afford not to charge)

Still, thank you for liking my art <3 

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Yes. You need 10 posts. This section is not for art shops so I'm not sure why people are posting theirs here other than maybe they just don't have enough posts yet? But it's not hard to get enough posts, just chat with a friend or respond to other topics =3



Good luck!!

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Finished commissions! 

1st Jackie stalker red 
HD at https://anama-chan.deviantart.com/art/Jackie-Stalker-Red-730284920


2nd Comish Jackie blue stalker 


HD at https://anama-chan.deviantart.com/art/Blue-Stalker-Jackie-Commission-731136612



HD UNCENSORED VERSION AT https://anama-chan.deviantart.com/art/Blue-Stalker-Jackie-Commission-Uncensored-731299818

Final Jackie kitty creator comission 

Jackie Kitty Creator Commission

HD AT https://anama-chan.deviantart.com/art/Jackie-Kitty-Creator-Commission-732979888



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